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We had called windstream on 1-1-19 spoke with Lara about getting internet bundle along with the modem & booster we were set for installation on 1-8-19 they showed up 2x's on 1-5-19 only to install a phone line then NO show on 1-8-19 I called back 1-11-19 spoke with 2 Nakisha & Kavinaw different people about the bill and NO show they set up a new installation day 1-13-19 for the modem and booster as of noon on 1-13-19 I called and the recording stated my order was complete I spoke with 5 people that day Drew, Bailey, TJ, Jeff & Jessica also disconnected 2's so I called 3x's Jeff was going to send all of the recorded phone calls to his supervisor to be reviewed as to what was to have been done for us here at home then he also emailed the area manager here and asked the to come out that evening to install a modem and the booster at almost 5pm the tech showed up with the modem I asked him about the booster and he stated they don't have boosters so I called the 800# again and that is when 2 more people said we don't have boosters. The phone call with Kavinaw on the 11th he stated the costs of everything modem 9.99, booster 14.99 along with all the fees monthly. Somewhere in all of the communications I was basically lied to so I finally just told the operator on 1-13-19 to cancel all and everything we had signed up for. So I don't believe since nothing was done correctly or on time I should have to pay the bill. I am requesting open records to file a complaint against windstream

EarthLink / Windstream Services

Feb 18, 2019

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