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I signed up with esafe payments as a merchant and all seemed well. I got my first payout of $2800 with a lot heckling and waiting. I continued to process over $25, 000 worth of credit cards and they have not responded to my calls or emails. I am convinced these guys are a scam. Another merchant in Canada also contacted me (she signed up under the same salesperson who was also unaware of e safe as a scam). She said they owed her $38, 000 and was reaching out to see if I got paid. They finally paid her small payment so I am not sure.

It has now been 14 business days and I have not received my payment. I am really hoping these guys are not a scam but I think they might be. They are registered in Seychelles, a country I have never heard of before.

If you are considering a low volume high risk merchant account, please be wary of esafepayments. I am convinced they took my money but the jury is still out. Regardless, they are atleast slow at processing payments. If they send my payout, I will respond back here and remove the review

Until then, I give esafe payments a horrible review and label them as a scam. I invested my life savings into this and this has been the biggest source of stress for me. I just got married and bought a house and was expecting to have my investment back but they have hurt me so bad. They don't respond to my emails. I'm hoping putting out this review will warn other start up merchants about the dangers of using offshore merchant accounts even if thye are recommended. Pay me me my money e safe payments!

, US
Oct 07, 2015 10:05 am EDT

We signed up with Esafe payments for charging my sales for Tech support
When we were generating revenue of 10-15k a week, they were paying us promptly and was constantly asking us to increase revenue in his gateway.
I trusted this company Esafe Payments and Mr Karan Talwar and so I decided to charge all my sales in his gateway (earlier I was distributing my sales in another gateway, to avoid high risk).

But no sooner we started charging all our sales in Esafe Payments, which is approximately 200K USD ( in 4 weeks ), Mr Karan Talwar couldn’t resist his greed and came up with daily excuses for delay in payments. Its been 6 weeks now, he never fulfilled any of his commitments and now its seems that I have been fooled a big time by this company Esafe Payments and Mr Karan Talwar But Esafe Payments and Mr Karan Talwar is unaware of the consequences that he would face now as I have stopped fulfilling customer's services and asked my outbound sales team to call each and every customer and ask them to file chargeback for their charge from their respective banks and also advice them to call VISA/MASTERCARD grievance cell and ask them about the fraud done by Esafe Payments and to mention the name of Mr Karan Talwar with his address, mobile number and email id .

Moreover we had also stopped the services of the already fullfilled customers and had called them up and told them that we are unable to give them any assistance as of now and told them the story of Esafe Payments and Mr Karan Talwar and they too by now have started filling chargebacks.

You can also check the links mentioned below to know the fraud done by Mr Karan Talwar and Esafe Payments with other people.

E Safe Payments Inc. — High Risk Merchant Account Scam