Dunkin Doughnutslack of customer service


I have been going to Dunkin Doughnuts as long as I can remember. This is about the 10th time I visited this perticular store as it is relatively newly built. However, the workers are associated with the Dunkin I have gone to for years further out Belair Rd and they know and recognize us when we come in the store. A week ago when we visited this facility, we ordered about 4 doughnuts and our coffee's. One of my group needed a cup of water to take some pills. One of the help told him they do not give water to anyone and that he could purchase a bottle of water from their case.

If he needed a whole bottle of water, he would have purchased it.
If we had not been regular customers for years and had just walked in from the street wanting only water that would be a differentstory.
If we had not spent about $14 that trip that would have also been understandable.

What way is this to treat a loyal customer. I am not the person denied a cup of water but am the one that decided to write you. What this employee did was stop the 4 of us from going to this Dunkin Doughnuts facility and possibly any at this point. I am however, curious as if this practice would be the same in any store. Completely disappointed in DD's.

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