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Showed up to my first day and was automatically yelled at and everyday since then. By the managers and fellow coworkers. No one said hi, introduced themselves or gave me any instructions. The manager showed up and wouldn't train me. It’s left up the the crew members to tell you things. Never received a uniform or any information at all. Was just told to show up and the manager would take care of it but all she did was yell. She’s abusive towards everyone including the owners. I was getting yelled at so much in my shift and she was yelling at my coworkers so much I went to the bathroom and called the owners up immediately. They said to “ignore” my manager. And to “deal” with it because she’s mentally unstable and treats them the same way. What the heck? I come back out of the bathroom and the shop gets a call as soon as I walk out and my stomach sank…the owner didn’t hold any confidentiality. What she did was call the shop and speak to the manager yessica as soon as I got off of the phone with her. This made things WAY worse. The manager was screaming into the phone and after the conversation was over everyone knew everything that was said to the owner by me. The manager proceeded to treat me like crap and even called me swear words in Spanish and talk negatively about me to my fellow coworker. I had to finish up my “training” in the morning shifts before I could switch to the evenings where this abusive manager wouldn’t be there to hurt my feelings. So I continued to endure (as well as my coworkers) the abuse from this manager. I continued to let the owners know what was going on and if it continued I told them I was going to file a complaint with corporate or quit this job. The next week I’m at work working with the same manager and she got in my face and was screaming at me to put a mask on even though the mandate was lifted and she didn’t have her mask up or anyone else in the shop…she picked on me. Told me to go walk to the store and buy one or I wasn’t going to be able to work. I told her that the mandate was lifted and if the mask was required they would have to provide me with a mask. She continued to scream and said she was calling the owner. I said ok, I’d like to speak to the owner as well. A lot of screaming over the shop phone between the owner and yessica and then the phone was handed to me. I calmly explained the situation, I told her that if it was required (even though the mandate was lifted and no one else was properly wearing or wearing a mask at all) that the shop should provide me with one. Instead I was treated terribly and told to go walk to the store while I was working and buy a mask. At that time I hadn’t even received my first check yet. The owner said again that yassica was mentally unstable, to deal with it and that I had to wear a mask and many complaints from staff and customers have been piling up against her and they would take action as soon as her position is filled…I said ok. I’m leaving now. I’m being treated unfairly, I will be reporting all of this to corporate and I only will come back to work if this manager was not working with me or I was able to work the evening shift. I went home very upset. I filed a complaint to corporate. I guess since my location was owned by a franchisee that they had to give the report to the owners and basically leave it up to them. So as soon as it got back to the owners I got a call and a very terrible screaming call. The owner was very ugly with me. Telling me I shouldn’t have done that, that they would have handled it internally. I told her nothing was happening, no one was facing any consequences and the same conflicts have kept on occurring and caused a very very toxic workplace that is abusive and unhealthy to work in. No one should have to go through this at any job. Especially one where you are underpaid and overworked like this place. I’m am writing this today on May 18th 2022 because I’m in shock at how abusive this workplace is and I’m hoping someone will step in and do something about this. I don’t want anyone else to go through this anymore. 2 days ago I endured a terrible morning only an hour into my shift and I had to walk out again. I can’t believe it’s this terrible to work at a Dunkin’ Donuts. I need a job for the next 3 weeks because my husband is in the Air Force and we will be moving soon and I need a job until then. I left crying that day. There was a misunderstanding and the manager and a fellow coworker who I thought was my friend made an assumption and started yelling at me. I didn’t go to work the next day and I called the owner to explain (once I was emotionally ready) what happened. She sided with them and proceeded to lecture me about the lies those coworkers spread about me. I’m still in shock at how silly all of this is. I just need somewhere to work until we move. I’m going under so much stress for this! Her solution was to move me to another location. So here I am now. Writing this because my corporate complaint did nothing, telling the owners make things worse and sticking up for myself and others has done nothing but cause more stress and no resolution. This location is 4300 Lincoln Avenue Unit A Lisle Illinois 60532. DONT work here. The staff yells at each other, managers are abusive, management is confusing and unclear about everything, you will work alone for the evening shift (unsafe and heavy workload for one person to work everything)


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