DTE Energyhome appliance repair

D Jan 22, 2020

After paying for the home appliance program for 2 years I finally had to use it. The repair man came out to service my washer, which at this time was broke for 3 days. He said he had to order the part it would be in on Thursday. I asked Thursday of this week or next week. He answered by telling me it could be here on Friday of this week, but he would let me know. I called DTE to file a complaint only to be told that they have 3 to 14 days to fix any appliance. I said so if my fridge were to break and a part needs to be ordered, within 24 hours I would need to purchase a new fridge. I pay for this service and truly the repair people will NEVER have the part, forcing people to buy new appliances. DTE is stealing for millions. Plus customer service was rude and hard to understand. I'm sure DTE won't answer back, one person means nothing. But this person is going as high up as I can. DTE is stealing millions!!!

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