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AVOID THIS WEBSITE! BUYER BEWARE...DRAGONFLY75.COM. I purchased an electric Zapper from (It's used to kill bacteria & other "bugs" in the body.) The zapper, or OMF device, arrived broken, and it total JUNK. Among other things, the on/off switch didn't work; the machine shut down & turned back on repeatedly, on its own.

Note that the contact person, Michael Forrest claims to reside in Canada & the Zapper is made in Ecuador. I SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE RED STOP LIGHT THEN! The simple electric zapper would cost, perhaps $5.00 to make, but he changes $350.00! Then it doesn't even work! He changes the customer 35.50 for shipping & handling, NOT the $25.00 that is stated online. (You see the additional 10.00 fee upon checkout.) Get this, I had to pay the $25.00 return shipping fee. So, even though the company sent me JUNK, the return was OUT OF MY POCKET! Also, even though the company sent me a junk, defective device I've been informed me that I WILL BE PAYING 10 percent of the cost of the item (35 dollars!) for the return.

So, this company can send out the same broken junk, over and over again, and profit with each returned item, at least ten percent per item. THE BUYER WILL incur all the expenses!


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Sep 13, 2016 3:40 pm EDT

I, Michael Forrest, have been in electronics since 1977 when I obtained my associates degree in electronics from Amarillo College. I know what is good and bad design of circuitry. Non-electronics people look at circuitry and then make comments based on their feelings and not based on electronics experience. I assemble my circuits on perf board which detracts from looks but is every bit as solid and reliable as using a board etched for the circuit. Please look at these photos of the unboxed circuitry of the Microbe Electrifier and the same boxed but with the bottom cover removed. A trained eye would tell you the solder connections are good, the wires are of adequate gauge, and shrink tubing is used to prevent any possible cross shorts between component leads.

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May 11, 2016 5:55 pm EDT

I purchased a zapper from Michael and I got exactly what I ordered. It did take a month to get to me, but I didn't mind. I am extremely happy with the product.

Apr 07, 2013 11:15 pm EDT

No Michael, I believe what they say as I also bought a unit from you and it is absolute CRAP. Just a bundle of wires, 3 were broken, after soldering them back still did not work.
The whole contraption looked like the work of a 10 year old.

Dec 09, 2011 8:46 pm EST
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I am Michael Forrest and most of what you just read is outright lies. In the alternative medicine business there is black-balling going on from Phaurmeceutical companies and the FDA who is the watchdog for them. They have their smear campaigns and do what they can to discredit companies like mine. Here's my response to some of the above complaints:
My repair/return policy is on my site for all to see with explanation about return shipping. If a potential customer doesn't like my policies then they shouldn't order from me. It's that simple.
I am not in Canada nor do I post anywhere that I am. Right there on my order page you can see that I am in Ecuador.
Products are shipped via certified mail which normally takes 2 weeks. Tracking is available on-line and any investigation on my part would turn up no more than what the customer can find out on-line.
Cost of making the OMF Generator is right around $145 which includes the cost of importing most of the parts from the USA. The grouches estimate of $5 is just a wee bit off.
There is a link on each product page to a usage instructions page. There is a "grey zone" of usage that depends on so many factors of the users health and so often I cannot give people the exact recommendations they want. All I can say is to keep increasing usage time until results are achieved. I once had a mold infection in my lungs and the normal short usage time of the OMF Generator was not enough so I slept with it treating my chest area and was free of the infection the next day.
Why would someone complain about where I host my site? Does it matter? I host in the USA because I like the hosting service I found. Here in Ecuador everything is in spanish which makes things very difficult for an English speaking person like myself.
Yeah you can buy a blood electrifier from Sota but its made by slave labor in China. And it doesn't have the up-to-date features that mine has. Please, all you [censor]ers and moaners buy from them and leave me alone to serve the good people of the world. Sota won't answer questions on usage because that would equate to prescribing which they won't do. I do answer all questions although the [censor]ers gripe that my answers are too short for them. I am extremely busy running this business and have not the time for long elaborate answers. Mine are short and to the point but get the job done.
I make specialized electromedicine devices that are exclusive to my business. My business is small and has no customer service department. I am customer service and when I am tired and agitated I don't react well to ### spoiled customers used to dealing with multi-billion dollar companies. I take many risks in order to help people with my devices and so expect a little slack in return. I don't think that is too much to ask.

Unfortanetly it didn't occur to me to google that site out first with scam with it, and had ordered an item from them that's explicitly ment for fighting a growing tumor on my brain. I was too blinded by my false hope from that site. And like the poster WHO HAD ORDERED AN ITEM, I too experience their utmost terrible servicing department, and from Michael Forrest with their inability to *TRY* and find out what's wrong with the delivery as my item was grounded and still is in Ecuador for the past whole MONTH. Time and time again I send emails asking them to open an investigation with the postal office there and *TRY*

Jul 12, 2011 3:04 pm EDT
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I bought a Microbe Electrifier from Michael Forrest at and got prompt service and quick responses to all my e-mail questions. The prices for his machines are very reasonable when compared to other vendors.He lives out of country due to FDA persecution. His website lists his address and phone number as Ecuador and states that return shipping is to be paid by the customer. Registered Mail from Ecuador to the US is not cheap. Everyone who has researched this technology knows that if you have the appropriate electronic knowledge and skills, you can build these devices very cheaply [but not for $5.00 ]. If you don't have these skills, then you must pay for someone elses expertise. I have suffered from chronic fatigue for over 3 decades and on the 5th day of using this device my fatigue completely disappeared. I am now in my 6th week of self treatment [which is very easy], am still fatigue free, and I have not made any diet changes. Thank God for Bob Beck and Michael Forrest. I am sorry you had a bad experience, but this company is no scam. It is no telling what your package may have went through from Ecuador to the US, things do get broken.