doornmore.comThey don't stand behind their work for more than 14 days.

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I ordered door from online and door was off track. They sent someone out at 6pm. I was out of the country so wife and kids home with door half open. Tech spent one hour repairing, then billed my wife $475. Two months later door broke again and they said sorry. Don't stand behind their work for more than 14 days. Tech said only thing they could do was replace door for $1700, even though he had told my wife at the time door was great.


  • Sh
    Shayann1 Jan 24, 2014

    Hello Rage_Fury,

    Our company feels that this comment is actually spam/scam for a few reasons:
    1. We do not do installations. In rare circumstances have we done installations and those were for custom made doors.
    2. We do not bill for repairs or bill at all.
    3. Customers pay in advance for any services we provide.
    4. If the customer has to pay for anything they would be notified in advance.
    5. The doors that we sell have a warranty from the manufacturer and would be replaced by that manufacturer; not us.
    6. You are claiming some "tech" came to your home at 6pm. We are not open that late and we do not have techs since we rarely, if ever do installations.
    We would like proof of your claims, invoices or receipts that prove you bought from us. We stand behind our products and services and we do not feel that this is a legitimate complaint. If you cannot provide proof, we would in turn like this comment removed.


    US Door & More Inc.

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  • Jo
    John accer Feb 25, 2020

    Horrible service, over charge. after purchase and PAY IN FULL over $3, 600 they send additional bills asking for more money cost over runs and refuse to ship it. Told me to read the terms and conditions next time.

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