Domino's Pizzamedium extravaganzza minus beef on thin crust,

Ra Sep 02, 2019

I had trouble getting my call to order in. Tried 3 times, it had me on hold a total of 40 minutes. It hung up on me 3 times. Went to the shop, asked about te phone.They said they had just been so slammed to even answer the phone. Yet while I stood at the counter to place my order, phone rang, they answered aand took orders with no problem. They said mine would be ready in 29-25 minutes, so I went to my car to wait. Time up, got my paid in cash pizza and went home. Sitting in front of TV watching Nascar and took a bite. Something long, about 4-5- inches pulled off my pizza. Turned out to be a piece off milkweed. A good size piece of weed someone had to go outside, break off and baked intp my pizza! Couldn't be explained any other way. I was shocked then ngry. Didn't want to go back in store to same people who did it but needed course.I want my money back for both pizza's 8-31-19 and 9-1-19/ Yes there should be punitive consequences. I was shocked, gagged and disgusted. No more Domino's for this household. Criminal mischief. I have the weed, rapped in a napkin. Have pictures on my phone but don't know how to send them.

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