Domino's Pizzapizza

H Nov 16, 2019

IMADE AN ONLINE ORDER AT 12:08 PM SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2019. I always track my orders for I have been a costumer of Dominos for over 15 years. My order was in quality ck at 12:20pm so I knew that it should reach my house shortly I am less than 2 miles away from store. My order did not reach my address 606 jaudon ave. rincon ga 31326 until 1:10pm Naomi was the deliverer I tipped as always. When I opened the 2 pizzas and 2 orders of Wings. The pizza's were cold, wings were room temp. First I went on line and complained. MY son told me all I had to do was call the store and they would redo my order. My son called and spoke with young lady who answered phone. She informed the manager on duty. He told my son. "If we wanted another pizza we had to bring pizza back to store. I already threw it in trash. But we got it out and my son went back to store . with pizza in plastic bag and 2 boxes. As my son entered store. He met with Cashier. She saw that He was the one on phone and went straight to manager and told him my son was there. He told her to tell my son Chris that He has to wait like any other customer". So my son ask the manager. "What do you want me to do with the pizza that was in the plastic and 2 empty boxes and He told him You throw it away. My son snapped on him because he told him to bring the pizza up there to get 2 new pizza's. He asked him how long he was a manager. because he never had to go through that with dominos. He told him 1 month. He told him that's not even good customer service. He could at least take the bag and boxes from me. The manager smartly held his hand up and said: I got on gloves. At the point my son asked for a refund.: I will never go back to dominos or order on lines from you all. This is the worst experience I have had. I quess the manager thought we wanted extra pizza but when he saw my son bringing it back he looked distorted. If I wanted extra pizza I would have ordered it. we have order big orders for church functions, schools etc. SMH. You need better people to represent your company. It could have been handled much better that It did. And yes my son may have been wrong by getting upset with manager, but it didn't have to even go this far. I have manage restaurants for 25 plus years. This would have been the Customers are always Right MOMENT. Teach your people because you will lose more customer if it continues in this store. You have a lot of competition here in Rincon. just saying

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