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T Apr 07, 2019 Review updated:

Costumer service extremely poor at this location. I went in the store at about 10 pass 11, in the line there was about 10 costumer and 1 cashier. I inquired if she was going to call for back up and I was told that their was no one to call for back up. The other lady could help because she was on break apparently. I have not been to the location in over a year for this same reason, and it is very sad that same old experience I encounter in there nee location. Maybe this won't change a thing but I thought it should let it be know. This location will paint dollarama with a bad brush. I would rather take my business to dollar tree where at least their costumer service to be a lot better in my opinion. In no try to be rude I'm just try to be honest. We seem to be lacking the basic skills in today society. Thank you I hope this helps.


  •   Apr 07, 2019

    Why does the store have costumers? Do they sell so many costumes that a costumer is needed? ;)

    “The other lady could help”. She COULDN’T help
    “10 pass 11”. 10 PAST 11

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      Dec 07, 2019

    It head office that will not give the store hours so they can have more people on. Believe me it hard working for this company sometimes

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