Dollaramaaccusation of theft.

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September 1st 2019 between 6:45-7:00 pm. I entered your store in hopes of finding a mounting bracket. I did not find what I was looking for, therefore was about to leave the store. On my way out the door, the cashier (male), yelled out at me "HEY"I stopped dead in my tracks, turned around and gave him a hesitant "yes?" he replied "Did you buy anything??" In a tone that could only be taken as accusatory. At this point, I was insulted. I gave him a hard "no" with quite the displeased look. After a few seconds of silence, and still in shock, I proceeded to continue leaving. I decided to turn back and ask the cashier if there was a manager present that I could speak with. He told me there was not. I told him I would be contacting his manager on a day they were available. He told me that was fine. To make the situation worse (what could be worse than being accused of stealing?), the whole ordeal happened in front of a lineup of people at the cash register. I got no apology from this cashier by the end of our encounter.

Now, I had been working in my shop all day, painting, sanding and building and was wearing overalls. I was also in a rush, as I also had a family gathering to get to, so I was in a rush. I probably looked suspicious to this cashier as I was in and out in very little time, and paced the store quite quickly, in hopes of finding what I was looking for. To boot, I was wearing my backpack -- I always do -- I find purses quite uncomfortable. Now, despite all this, I still don't think this cashier had any right, whatsoever, to do what he did.

This should not matter at all, but I am a registered nurse, I own my own home, and I'd just spent hundreds of dollars at Home Depot on the same day. I would gain nothing from stealing a dollar store item.

The situation that occurred is unacceptable. I felt accused (and I think it is fair to say that I was accused), belittled and was embarrassed in front of a handful of customers. Again, this situation is absolutely unacceptable.

Now, perhaps this cashier is a good worker. I do not want to cause this gentleman to lose his job or be reprimanded too harshly, but I do think he requires some extra training and insight as to how to handle certain situations.

My name is Chani. I can be reached at [protected] on my cell phone or via email at [protected]


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      Nov 11, 2019

    What Dollarama store did this happen in because my brother had an anxiety attack after an old fluffy lady almost tackled him until another employee came up & said “he’s ok”. Judging people on their appearance has to stop. My brother was coming home from work & was dirty & had his reflective vest under his coat with his hard hat clipped to his backpack. Apparently we need to start dressing up to go to Dollarama now. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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