Dollar Treethe manager/employees and that nasty store

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I was in this store today and the Manager and another Employee were talking about customers calling and asking for thing. Making funny of those people and your Manager says I don't know why they Call and asking for things. The person wanted to know if they thought they would have one of the 7 things there was in the store and she said I told I don't know just come look. RUDE! They were talking so loud two rolls over I hear the employee talking about her personally problems. Saying she pissed him off and now he was probably all in his feelings.
That store is a Fire Hazard! Boxes everywhere in the floor. Filthy piles of trash swept up and left. The floors in place are disgusting.Maybe you need to get you Distract or Regional Manager up in that store. There's too much crap crammed up in that little store.
There was one friendly person in that whole damn store and that was the lady stuck at the first register.
This was the same problem with the Family Dollar that was in that building. You have people running it that doesn't give a crap about that store nor their customers.
I live in Denison and will continue to drive to the one in Sherman, TX. That store you're greeted when you walk through the door and they will ask if they can help you find something.
So you need some SERIOUS HELP in DENISON


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      Nov 13, 2019

    i'm a representative from dollar tre
    dolar tree representative

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      Nov 13, 2019

    sorry my friend wrote that hehe 🤣

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