Dollar Tree / store closes before 9:00 pm and won't let people in at 8:50pm

Du Jun 17, 2019

This is the 4 th time I have tried to go into the dollar store and the evening employees will not allow anyone in at 8:50pm. They close at 9:00 pm and they stand at the door at 8:50 and will not allow anyone in. I was very unhappy about this and I will not come back again I have tried to resolve this by talking to the manager and the manager also does this same thing. There were several employees at the store and I guess this is their way of getting off early and it's running business away from the store. I've talked to several customers about this same issue in this store and we all have the same complaints. I told the employee who was at the door that I was going to call cooperate and she laughed and said I don't care call them. I felt not only disrespected but not valued as a customer. This was very unprofessional. I hope that this doesn't happen again as I will notify each and every person that I know about his behavior in this store.

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