Dollar Treestore appearance and employees

Pb Sep 27, 2019 Review updated:

I would like to start by saying, I am a frequent shopper of your store and have been going to this particular one because of convenience and location. I am on disability and this store is closer to my home.
My complaint is that numerous times I have gone in numerous times trying to get certain Health aides, and many, many times it wasn't on the shelf. 2 Employees have gone out of their way to try and find it, but with the Stock Room they have and the boxes piled up almost to the ceiling, I am sure in this storage room, they have stock that is probably out dated too. I have had more than one Employee tell me they just don't know what to do with all that stock. Sometimes the boxes are out in the aisles waiting to be put out, and the boxes are piled high on a cart, which is accident waiting to happen.
I have been told that Christmas Items need to be put out right away, how about getting all the other stuff out first, we have time for Christmas Items.
I have heard one of the Assistant Managers tell customers, that there is not enough money in payroll for any one person to stock and clean out the storage. I also witnessed the same Asst. Mgr, check a Fifty Dollar bill without a marker, just by looking at it and cleared it.
There is a cashier that has a note at her regester, asking that she not be called Honey, Sweetie or Baby, that is bothers her. I find this a little offensive, she has a little attitude at times too.
I have gone to other Stores, and especially the other Waterford, CT store, and it is like day and night, it is Clean, very well stocked and very friendly employees, it is just harder for me to get there some times.
My main concerns are the stock, cleanliness, and friendly. I see nothing but a mess, very little stock, and not as pleasant and lazy employees.
You can reach me at [protected] for anything further you may need.
Thank You
Pat B.
Looking forward to a better store on Boston Post Rd. Waterford CT

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