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August 22nd of 2019 a so called manager David was screaming at a young lady named Shania in a very threatening manner, as well as kept invading her space all while I was stand there and it was all over her telling him he couldn't leave her in the store alone so he could leave the premises to get something to eat. oh and the young lady is pregnant but as he was telling and berating her and kept stepping towards her even after she would take a few steps back and asking him to please stop coming at her he preceded to threaten her that if she said anything he would bring up charges of sexual harassment against her, I have been coming to this store for months now and anytime I come in and this David is there he does not help there can be a line of 8people and I have witnessed a cashier ask for help and his response was the customers can wait it's ok and all this while we are standing there listening and not only that but I was just there on Aug, 20 2019 he got on the loud speaker at 8pm telling the customers that they had to bring all items to be purchased up within 5 minutes and if not we would not be checked out and the store hours stated they didn't close until 9pm. Now I generally enjoy shopping at this store but when that man David is working I will not shop there and will not allow my family to shop there the man is rude to his employees he disrespects them in front of customer, has on many occasions been talking on his phone cursing up at front of store next to the office while I have my children with me and other families in the store also. I am not and will not shop there while that man is working ever again since the incident with the employee Shania and that poor girl has always helped me with any questions or concerns I've had aswell as all other employees that work there but David the manager or asst manager or whatever he is in my opinion should not be working there.

Aug 23, 2019
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  • Km
      Aug 24, 2019

    Managers can leave the store for lunch if they are only going walking distance from the store like the same shopping center.

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