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Ka Jul 11, 2019

Hi I'm soo saddened with this situation today July 11 2019 . We went by really quick When we got there they have this little stand with cute ceramics and glass and one of my little sisters (9) years old saw a cute one so she got it and said look it's really cute and she put it down and it fell and broke, she got all scared and nervous sense she got it because she found it cute and accidentally ended up braking it, the manager was passing by as I was on the phone with my mother about something very important, she looked at my sister upset and my sister right way told her I'm sorry it was an accident and she started telling her you dropped it because you were playing with it when she wasn't she just found it cute .. to say even we adults find something cute and grab it to take a look and never expect to break it, so I answered the manager Sandi or Sandra, I don't think she was playing with it we just came in the store we weren't standing there we were just passing by, and my sister began to pick it up, than I saw her picking it up so I went as I could with my baby in the arms to help her out and as we were leaving she started yelling at me you should get of your phone and watch your daughter with these glass items, and I was like what did she Scream at me from all the way over there like I admitted I scream back because that was so rude mean and unethical she could of called me into the office as a manager and spoke to me her thoughts but she began to scream as if she were my mom???? I am so upset yet to say I called when I got home to speak to the store manager sense she is one of the managers and ugh she was the one that answered...

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    To mention she didn’t tell me I had to pay for it yet I still payed for it sense it would have been a lost

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    Did I say she wasn’t at fault? Oh screaming across the store isn’t rude? 😂 grow up and respect my elders... I’m pretty sure any other mom would have reacted very differently seen it. Hope this never happens to someone you love as your child. Hun if you don’t know me or my mom don’t talk about her, my mom finished raising me when I got married and moved out.. It seems to be like you think I’m a 15 year old. maybe I need your mama to come raise me so “educated”😉

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