Dollar Treei'm complaining about the manager

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My daughter recently had put a application in doing to do stocking so ms. Tracy also the manager call my daughter and told her to come to the interview October 16 /2019 at 9am and my daughter had went to the interview that day and Ms.Tracy told her that she didn't need any help at this time when she did need sockers and my daughter just wasting her time to go to this interview y'all need to get a new manager there because this manager is disrespectful and rude and she is prejudice the address of the store we complaining about is 454 Us_ 90 suite A Waveland Mississippi 39576

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    Yes imma chase after my daughter dreams because I am a mother 100% about mine and my daughter is 15. Stay out other people conversation when you probably need to find a job and get off your mommy's couch


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      Oct 24, 2019

    You state your daughter is 15? The minimum age to work at Dollar Tree is SIXTEEN although they greatly prefer it if you are 18 and over.

    Stop with the fake claim of racism. You are teaching your daughter to hate and to blame her failings on a lie!

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  •   Oct 24, 2019

    If how you communicate on here is any sort of window into how your child's life is she should not get a job now. She should stay in school and study. With, preferably someone else guiding her.

    Your communication skills are attrocious and your daughter should be embarrassed by this complaint.

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