Dollar Treecashier - marie

Ra Oct 08, 2019 Review updated:

This cashier (Marie, store #1951) was very unnecessarily rude to me. I patiently waited for nearly 5 minutes as she slowly got two balloons for the customer in front of me, and carefully wrapped dishes. The customer in front of me finished paying, and took her bags. Marie rang up my 3 items. Because there were many people waiting in line, I moved the separator (used on the belt between customers' items) to the next order.apparently this confused Marie. She started to grab and ring the next item and I told her that was the next customers. She said, "I wish people wouldn't do that." I apologized and told her I was just trying to help. She said "so know you were trying to help, but it doesn't. Just leave it alone." Again, I apologized. She told me the total, and continued berate me. She said "If you did that at a store like Target, they would have security on you." At this point, I grew frustrated and asked, "Just for moving the separator?" She said "Well, for doing that." I told her that I would be more careful not to help next time. All of her rudeness was simply because I moved the separator between items after she finished ringing my 3 items up.

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