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S Oct 18, 2019 Review updated:

I was shopping in your store on Hylan Blvd and Midland Avenue, Staten Island ny, Store # 7038 on October 8, 2019.. I had my wallet in my hand and as i was walking around, I dropped my wallet. I immediately went to the manager of the store and asked her to put on the camaras to see if or who picked it up, because there was a woman walking trying toohelp me a little too hard to find the wallet. I was then informed by the manager that the camars do not cover the store at all just near the front door. That to me is such an unprofessional business decision. Had you had camaras in the store I could have seen if that lady had found the wallet, which she had turned in empty as soon as I left to the store, as I received a call from the manager within five minutes of leaving. I had just come from a trip and had over $300.00 in that wallet. You have 3 schools right there with Jr and high school students in the store all day. It will be a great loss for that store when the word goes around the schools that they have no camaras in the store that whoever wants to go to the back of the store and steal whatever they want, they can.. That would everyday be a very big loss for the store. however that is how i felt when i lost all that money due to no camaras.. As a very big corparation these things should be thought out a little better, for me to lose that kind of money was hard and set me back weeks. I have a husband with stage 4 cancer that spread to his bones now and to take a hit like that was hard, but i knew that lady picked up the wallet and had your camaras been working to watch the store I could have received the money back. Thank you Sophia Georgiopoulos, 361 Poillon Avenue Staten Island Ny 10312


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      Oct 18, 2019

    That's pretty normal for these stores. My stores cameras have been down for a month and there is no signs of them ever being fixed. Even before though the only cameras covered each register, the front entrance, cosmetics aisle, laundry aisle, and stockroom. Less than 90% of the store was covered, now none of the store is covered.

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  •   Oct 18, 2019

    what the hell????

    you walk around with your wallet IN YOUR HAND and then you drop it AND YOU DONT NOTICE?????????????????????????????????????

    WHAT THE HELL??????????????????????????????????

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  •   Oct 18, 2019

    The only good thing I can say about your husbands cancer is that he gets to die sooner and leave your stupid ass.

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