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On Monday, October 7, 2019, between 1:00 & 1:14 PM, I visited the Taylor Avenue location of Dollar Tree. I observed the Cashier on Register 3 while she was handling the transaction of an elderly customer and what I saw and heard from her were not good. The Cashier on Register 3 repeatedly stated "I'm about to quit, I'm about to quit..." while she was dealing with the customer and after she rang up the sale, she did not rap up the two long candles for the customer, instead gave the customer the candles and bundled up bags to do it. The customer was a pleasant senior citizen with a delightful-island accent and she patiently wrapped the candles herself and pleasantly dealt with Cashier 3 who deserves to be monitored and disciplined for her bad customer service.

Dollar Tree
Dollar Tree

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    Yesterday, Monday, October 7, 2019, between 1:00-1:14 PM while I was in the Taylor Avenue location shopping, I decided not to wait in line for Cashier 3 to finish because I observed her being unprofessional by giving bad customer service to a pleasant, senior citizen. So, I went over to Cashier 2 to complete my purchase. Cashier 2 whose name was "Fredtrina" wasn't any better because she too was unprofessional, by giving bad customer service. I thought I was being helpful by telling her that she didn't have to give me a plastic bag because I heard the store was having a shortage. So, when I told her that it was OK just to give me my item, she took the item out of the bag then dropped it on the counter on her side which I was able to see it. So, when I said "but you can give it to me, " she looked as if I had said something wrong, hissed her teeth, picked up my item from under the counter on her side then handed it to me. She looked even more annoyed when she handed me the receipt. I didn't say anything wrong and she could have been much more pleasant with the service she provided.

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