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Sa Sep 19, 2019 Review updated:

I was in the Dollar tree store on Sunday Sept 15. Ann the cashier was down to the end of the candy isle and she was supposed to be up front by the register. She was all worked up because she was so far away from the front. Alisha was up front with about 5 people standing around the register talking. Alisha had a young boy who was not employed with the dollar tree company. He was going in and out of the backroom loading and stocking isles. This boy was some relation to her so she seams to think that it is ok for this to happen. This seam to be a pattern with this manager because this happens every Sunday. When I go in the Centerville store and this Alisha is working she has a family reunion because she has all her relation coming in and they stand at the front and talk loudly so everyone can here. Also her husband roams the store all night.

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      Sep 21, 2019

    Good god. Do you live at the dollar tree? Get a life.

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  •   Sep 21, 2019

    WTH? You taking a census?

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      Sep 22, 2019

    Unstocked shelves ongoing at store # 4269 in Philadelphia, Pa.Cashier on personal phone at register . She was very rude when told to pay attention because she had not totaled rest of purchases.Then began talking about me to a customer while I was exiting

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