Dollar Tree โ€” terrible manager

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I work at this store currently and the manager here Dora Taylor constantly changes the work schedule with notifying any of the employees. She puts up a new shedule every three days. So i have to constantly call to check it. Its hard to call up there because the phone line is messed up and she wont get it fixed. I showed up for work ready to do my shift and she changed the schedule right after i clocked in. Then she had scheduled me to come in on a day i was off and had already seen the new schedule. Because i wasnt aware of the change because she failed to notify me, she threatened to fire me because i didnt show up. She always bothers me while im woring. Saying my too slow at scaning items saying if i dont know what im doing i would be terminated. I always work over my time because she takes forever on her lunch breaks. On weekends we run out change sometimes so we have to put up signs saying change needed. The store was always dirty and she did nothing but say rude things and eat every chance she got. Im sharing this because she needs to fired.

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    Listen here you inconsiderate butt wipe. I know what I go threw on a daily basis at this job and I know it aint worth my time to be treated like me employment dont matter. Like I dont do a good damn job. However your the person who sits on the computer all day and have no life outside your home. You sound like you live in your grandma's basement eatting nothing but greasy food causing you to have bad acne. You sound like you never made a friend in your life and have to result to commenting dumb ass answers on complaints.


  • Um is not an answer! Oct 31, 2019

    If you were woring while on payroll I'd bother you, too.

    Lemme explain something to you... The manager is there as a captain of the ship. You are there to keep things in ship shape Bristol fashion. If the manager could do all that needs to be done you wouldn't be needed. So she isn't bothering you.

    You are probably bothering her because you can't seem to put a foot right and she is always in your case about something or other.


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  • Ev
    Everywhere Oct 31, 2019

    Having had the misfortune of being a retail manager myself (not Dollar Tree), it sounds like this manager is incapable of making a schedule. If there are changes made, i.e. someone quits, calls out, then the manager's responsible for informing those affected by the changes. It is also the manager's responsibility to ensure the store has enough change to get through a busy weekend. As far as the comment about scanning items too slow, that's on you. Every Dollar Tree I've been in has been fast-paced and if someone is slow, it really causes chaos and upsets customers. You have to be quick and efficient to effectively work at a Dollar Tree as a cashier.

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  • Um is not an answer! Oct 31, 2019

    But if you are constantly being called on the carpet for constantly scanning too slowly ๐Ÿ˜† you are NOT doing a good DAMNED ๐Ÿ˜† job.

    So who is the buttwipe? Surely not anyone here who is explaining to you how to be a reliable employee.

    PS it's "what you have gone through", not threw.

    With this language and reaction to are obviously not mentally capable of being a responsible adult.

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