Dollar Treestore manager and rude, disrespectful cashier

J Nov 04, 2019

On Friday November 1st, I went to this store to shop, even though I live about 25 minutes away from there and there is one in Laurens; which I drove by and could have shopped at but went to the Clinton location(Store#7025) instead. I asked the manager on duty if she could get something down for me that I couldn't reach and a cashier by the name of Sharon was very rude to me and told me to leave the manager alone and let her do her job. The store manager( Samatha Lyons) did write the cashier up but because she wasn't there and wasn't told about it she threw the write-up away and I know for a fact that even if the employee refuses to sign the write-up, they are suppose to be filed. I have been shopping there at least twice a month and spend at least $100 but I will no longer be shopping at this particular store. This is just one of many problems that I've had and seen with this location.

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