Dollar Treesmoking employees right by the only door into the store smoking all day and getting paid...

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I am allergic by a allergy test to tobacco. Cigarette smoke triggers my asthma and meniers disease... I can not be by smoking at all... Went to store today at 905 the manager was smoking by the door. At this time the store opens at 900 why does the top ceo and management allow this. Normally I don't go into store when I see this last summer my meniers was flared up and I was dizzy for 6 weeks very dizzy.. It's a terrible disease and if a normal person had it for one day they would know... Your so sick can't keep food down...

So this is why smoking should be banned by the door by employees so to the back door of store and smoke out there
Plus there is 70 cancer causing chemicals in one cigarette who wants to walk through that there are 200, 000.00 people die of 2 nd hand smoke a year... And cancer from smoke it is now number killer of people... Causes heart attack stroke empazema copd cancer through out the body who still smokes and wastes 400.00 a month what a waste of money and health... Stop smoking by people please... Keep it in your house or car we don't want to die because you don't care about any else but you and smoking.


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      Dec 09, 2019

    I think Dollar Tree does have a "Smoke-free Workplace"policy that doesn't allow smoking anywhere on the property including parking lots. I don't think Dollar Tree sells age restricted items but if they did then the Dollar Tree could lose its license to sell age restricted items at that store since a requirement to get the license to sell say cigarettes is that you won't allow them to be smoked there.

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