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A Feb 13, 2020 Review updated:

I went into Dollar Tree tonight to buy a few items for valentines day. It was very busy, and the candy shelves were close to empty. When it was my turn in line the cashier Cornelia pressured me to "just buy a Star Wars bag because it was busy, and she would have to call her manager". When the manager came Cornelia said " well, you have another post void because of them" and pointed at my sister and me. The manager said "I swear to God, it's so busy in here" in an upset tone. I understand that stores get busy, but you have a job to do. This kind of customer service is abhorrent!


  • Hilarity Ensues Feb 16, 2020

    Pressured you? Like you are on welfare and somehow found your way into Tiffany's??? Ridiculous.

    Of course the candy aisle is picked clean. It was the day before Valentine's day and who doesn't want dollar chocolate???

    You are missing a lot of what happened. What happened to make the post void a reality?

    It's busy in there because of procrastinating cheapskates like you.

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