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I was in your store on 05/12/2020. I was at the end of one of the aisles needing to turn left. Your employee was stocking the cooler that was in this store. The cart that the frozen items were on was blocking the way where I was not able to turn. I waited until your employee turned around to get more items to place in the cooler. I expected that with her seeing that I could not turn she would have been taught to have the courtesy to move the cart so that I could get by. Instead she returned to putting items in the cooler. I finally asked her if she could move the cart so that I could by. She raised up and gave me a "go to hell look"and then moved the cart barely enough where I still had to scrape the cart to get by. I hope this is not how your company trains your employees. I am retired and I have all the time that is needed to cause as much trouble I can for your company. We have 4 local television stations that I am sure would love to give your company publicity. I do not want a refund. What I want is an apology from that employee. The time I was in your store was 12:41 pm. There were 3 employees in the store. The black female employee was the one that was very rude. My name is randy keaton and my phone # is [protected]. I expect to hear from someone!

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