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I am flabbergasted by the behavior of two employees at the DollarTree store in West View, Pa. I am a frequent customer and for the past several weeks I have noticed the male cashier (40's, slender build) always wearing his mask BELOW his nose. Yesterday, [protected], when I was ready to check out, as usual there he was with his mask under his nose. I was able to go to the adjacent cashier, but realized once I got up to the cashier, that I had put myself in a worse position since I was actually more directly exposed to him without the plexiglass shield. I decided when I arrived home that I absolutely needed to call to voice my displeasure and concern. I called the store at [protected] and I believe the manager answered because I had seen her when I was at the store.(Blond, slender build)

I told her about my concern regarding the manner he was wearing his mask. She said that wearing the mask for long periods was difficult and that he was merely temporarily lowering it. I responded by telling her that each and every time I had been in the store over the past several weeks, his mask was always below his nose.

I could not believe it when she then stated that "as long as his mask was covering his mouth everything was ok"! I said I had never heard that before, and asked her to cite her source. She seemed irritated that I was not accepting her flimsy excuses, and changed the conversation to the fact that they were working 12 hour days to keep up. She then told me to "call corporate" with my concerns. Before I had an opportunity to ask her name, she abruptly hung up the phone. There was absolutely no fading of the phone whatsoever prior to that point in the conversation, so I feel confident in saying that she deliberately hung up on me.

I realize Covid-19 has created many problems in retail, but improper mask use is an invitation to death-a much bigger problem! Your own policy states you provide masks to your associates. The CDC states that the mask should be "placed over your nose and mouth"! Wearing the mask improperly negates the entire reason for wearing it in the first place, and certainly sends the wrong message to all of the people inside the store. The manager condoning this behavior is beyond belief and in direct opposition to the stated policy of the corporate office. Her inability to deal with a valid customer complaint is an entirely different story. In actuality, it has been found that excretions from the nostrils are more deadly than those from the mouth!

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Get a vaccination and quit crying.

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The newly opened Dollar Tree, in Allegan Michigan needs a refresher in WEARING of the mask. ALL but ONE Employee had a mask on correctly, covering nose and mouth. 5 people were NOT even wearing a mask and 9 people had NO NOSE covered. When I mentined it at the register, 2 employees heard me and jsut ignored mmoving their mask to cover there nose. What the hell are you doing to protect ALL the shoppers that ARE wearing a mask and TRYIG TO stay healthy.. MASK OVER NOSE AND MOUTH or it does NO good, NONE at all.. ENFORCE IT, or let others get sick and DIE

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