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L Nov 20, 2019 Review updated:

My name is the Jessica I currently now live in Arkansas I used to live in Mississippi I worked at a dollar tree about four years ago I applied where I live now to get the job I got a call but was told that I am a non-rehire I'm trying to figure out why am I a place in the system as a non-rehire when I was told not to come to work on her truck day because her truck was not there so I'm trying to figure out how is this my fault if the store manager told me not to come to work


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      Nov 20, 2019

    Did the manager tell you never come to work. I think the manager just meant don't come to work at that time, not to never come to work again. Policy is if for any reason you work for the company for less then 3 years you are listed as non-rehire, regardless to whether you gave 2 weeks notice of quiting, we're laid off due to store closure, or terminated, were in a coma, we're kidnapped and placed in a human trafficking ring for a year. Simply being employed by dollar tree for less then 3 years makes you non rehire

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