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Dear Reva

Since 2007, Birch Family Services (Day Habilitation Program) and the Dollar Tree organization have been in partnership. As such, the organization allowed groups of people with disability to volunteer at your East 98th Street and Flatbush branches, and have even providing gainful employment opportunity to qualified candidates from this population. Birch appreciates Dollar Tree policy on inclusiveness and wishes to continue with this partnership.

On May 4, 2023, we were advised by the new manager that Dollar Tree will not need our services for the next two weeks. At the expiration of those two weeks, I spoke with the new manager, Chantell Jonathan, who advised that the people with developmental disabilities volunteering services will no longer be needed at Dollar Tree indefinitely. The reason given was that the store was going to be developed into a superstore and I sought clarification, and none was given.

Notwithstanding the inability to volunteer at the worksite, the individuals still continue to support the store by making purchases there regularly. The group miss going to the worksite, the staff there miss having them around and so a manager, Kim Edwards, allows the group to volunteer on Thursday on her shift.

Birch Family Services has had a long-standing, productive relationship with Dollar Tree, and we would very much like it to continue. When Dollar Tree hires one of our volunteers, they get a well-trained staff and tax deductions.
Reva Zawel
Senior Coordinator, Birch Family Services