Dollar Treeenraged manager onto an employee

L Dec 06, 2018

Manager George, at store #4920 in North Richland Hills, TX., very out of control and in rage, upset about the cashier Anna leaving her cashier place for probably what was less than 45 seconds to catch a customer who had left a sack of purchases. I actually thought it was a customer in rage who was not waited on or who might have been ignore by the cashier, as he was slamming things around( picking up the rolls of Christmas wrapping paper and slamming them back in the box and then started moving back and forth in the store out of control. I saw him head toward the office door and slammed his hand very hard to to make a point to push it open. I actually thought maybe he was drunk or high on drugs that he was acting so irrational and I thought he might harm a manager since he entered the manager's office. At the time I did not know it was the manager, so assuming it was a customer, I was considering calling 911 as I thought he may be dangerous and cause harm to an employee or other customers. I was in fear and asked a male employee to check me out as I feared going to the front with just having a female employee at the register and felt she was already traumatized. He said the person in rage was actually their manager and he said the manager got upset when she left her station when another customer was waiting in line. That customer waited less than a minute. I could not believe that a manager could be so hateful and unprofessional of correcting an employee in front of other customers like that. That female cashier did not deserve to be treated in such an unprofessional dictatorship way, causing fear for an employee and for customers. This manager also went on to carry on a conversation down an isle with another employee Matt. The manager went on and on very loudly and expressing being upset about another male employee who did not show up for work. I was standing right there. It did not matter to him. I finally said out loud " I have to get out of here." The manager then just turned away and went up front inside his office. How can Dollar General hire such a manager as George? By the way, before this incident, he had just been promoted 4 days before to manager from being a stock employee. I have just read other customer complaints about other managers at other Dollar Tree stores. I hope corporate is really investigating these manager complaints especially the manager I am reporting. No employee she have to be belittled and treated so inhumane and unkind like that!

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