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This store is a disgrace; items strewn all over the aisles that you have to step over things to walk; dust and dirt on the floor; looks like it has not been cleaned or swept in years; shelves are always empty and in disaray; always one register open with a long line; the place is a mess and is dirty; I no longer shop there and go to the store in salem new hampshire which is like a palace shame on the manager and employees for making the store what it is; o yeah forgot about the mouse that ran across the aisle; store should be shut down; disgusting


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      Nov 20, 2019

    I know. I went to the Dollar Tree in Madison, Indiana and it was shocking how dirty the store was. They use to always keep it clean. It looks as if they havnt cleaned the floors in a long while. Its pretty gross in there. They had no carts so I went to get a basket but they literally had dirt on them. I refused to touch the baskets and refused to shop at a store that feels gross just walking through it. Went to a different Dollar Tree thankfully they believed in actually taking care of thier store. And just for the record I have never worked at Dollar Tree if I did work there it would never have became so disgusting. There is no excuse for dirty carpets and actual dirt on shopping baskets just lazy employee's or bad managment.

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