Dollar Treecomplaint about a maisha manager and sale ass. treat me very bad and do not have courtesy and unrest

E Oct 03, 2019

The incident happen yesterday with Maisha sales associate [protected] [protected] time 17;38 i try to call again to speak with a manager put me on hold nobody answer again. regarding to this person that she it a manager she was treat me 10/02/2019 very un polite, rude, bad manner with no desire to help people. throw my items in the plastic bag i give 2 pares of reading glasses i ask to her please give me back she said i put in the bag pick up yourself . She was doing quickly packing . Also she open a register was a lot of small shopping basquets. i took my glasses while i was waiting for the manager i give extra money she give me back . i take my items to the car and return asking for the manager another register tols me she is .so i believed she do not want i speak with another manager she told me she must stay keep the extra money that she was sick i am told her that it the reason she treat me bad with out courtesy .i been call the head place no e mail [protected] were i can send this complaint thank how people work in this places un respect with out courtesy .

  • Updated by elena parra · Oct 03, 2019

    again bad manager treat people with out courtesy NAME MASHIA Sales Associated on store 4560 125th street North Miami fl 33161 How store hire people like that .

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