Dollar Treea manager that was working 01/28/2020

L Jan 29, 2020

01/28/2020 I went into dollar tree to pick up something and usually I get really good customer service but one of the mangers where very rude and I felt like she had something going on she was on her phone and looked very frustrated when I had asked her for where something was I got a nast attiude and she was like it on this asle and when I tried to ask if she could help me find it she replied im busy im sorry. Well When I finished shopping the lines were kinna long so this manger hapepned to hop on a register and asked for the next perosn in line and sine I was waiting I walked over and she was checking me out but she was going so fast that my belongings that I was paying for was being throw around this isn't the type of behavior I ussually get when I shop at this location I usually don't complain on people but for this being a manger it kind of shocked me and when I asked for her name because I couldn't see the name badge she refused to tell and then she unhide her name badge and I got her name and written it down and her name was Crystal and it did say manger on her badge . I just wanted to bring to your attention so that no one else recieves this experiance that I had to experiance.

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