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Le Aug 25, 2019 Review updated:

This afternoon I was at your Dollar General Store located at 830 49th St N, Saint Petersburg FL 33712. I stopped to pick up some food for my goddaughter. While in the checkout line near the front door a man began to curse at me and other customers. He came in and out of the store daring people to say anything. He had backpack a bicycle and metal fixture to lock and unlock his bike. I am a USMC Veteran and I am thinking maybe he has a gun or is going to use the metal fixtures as a weapon. He comes into the store and threatens the clerk.

He is making eye contact with me and making threats for about minute. Everyone in the store is frozen. No security, no police. I yell at him to stop drawing attention from others to myself. I tell him I armed (though I don't have a weapon). He leaves the store. My godson calls the police then I report the incident. I go back to the store and the man comes back in the store to confront me. The manager stands between us and I inform him the police are coming. The manager knows the man. The police take information and let us go. I go to my godson home to drop him off. On the way home I see the man at the store loitering.

I am never going to your stores again. I and the other customers were treated poorly because your staff failed to eject a very sick man from the store. The man bragged that he comes to your store every day. I do too but in my neighborhood.

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  •   Aug 25, 2019

    Perhaps they are afraid of him and his actions and try to ignore him. This Nathan Lee person sounds emotionally ill and you ought to call the police and inform them about him.

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  •   Aug 26, 2019

    With what do you want them to eject this sicko psycho with???

    Some of you military are too much and diverge the civilians from what the military is really about! ( Got news for you: it ain't what you did)

    Security guards don't pack heat! WTH are you thinking???

    Man, you sound like you miss the good ole days!

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  • Th
      Aug 26, 2019

    So minimum wage employees avoid what? Take him down? Confront him? No. Get over yourself. Semper Fi.

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  •   Aug 26, 2019

    @TheManager I know. My sisters and their husbands are military and are so much smarter than this in public.

    PS: great job as a godparent buying this kid crap from the dollar store to eat.

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