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Dg May 09, 2019 Review updated:

We shop at you store a few times a week. This is the first time since it opened that I had a issue. First, I and a few others waited in line to check out. There was one cashier but that's pretty normal for this store. The big problem was os that the cashiers (names Davey) wa as more interested on talking to the 2 buddies he had hanging out there. They wear swearing and was even talking about being "high as [censored]quot;. I am a healthcare professional, I guess the reason I am saying something is because if this type of people you hire and let there buddies hang out talking trash. Well My family and I will shop other places. Plus he hardly even acknowledged me there other than to take my money.

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  • Bu
      May 09, 2019

    I would think that someone that works in the healthcare profession would have better spelling and grammar.

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  •   May 09, 2019

    I was going to type the same thing. There is not the same as their. Were is not the same as wear. Other errors make me think you’re a CNA and not anything higher up.

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  •   May 12, 2019

    Health care. Great

    "Take once a day"

    Is that one times a day or eleven???

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  •   May 14, 2019

    Why are you bi7ching about candy? This is about how hoity-toity your ears are.

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