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I've been harassed every since Marco went from lead sales associate position to assistant manager. He has let power and position go to his head. I have been unfairly treated on several occasions. Every time we work alone side by side he goes out the way to nag bother and harass me. I clocked in for work at 3pm one day last week he races to confront me says you must be out of here 9pm on the dot, so at 8:50 pm he comes to my register take out my drawer and goes to take over my job of counting my drawer which he has done on many occasions for the past month since I've been working at Dollar general I always do my own starting till and ending till I've never worked a schedule and left exactly the time my shift ends as lead sales associate myself and key holder position I have there are many responsibilities I must do before I leave for the day. Then as I was going on break Marco asked me to leave me register logged in so that another sales associate can take customers on my register as the end of my shift approached once again Marco came to my register removed the till and counted my drawer which is part of my job, then he asked me to ring up customers on his register while he count my drawer, he immediately came back within a few minutes yelling in front of a line if customers in a crowded store that your register is short by $8.11 and to get off his register before money is missing out his drawer too. Another incident that has occurred constantly is the continuously walking back and fourth behind me as I'm ringing up customers and brushing his hand and body across be behind intentionally repeatedly almost every time he passes by only once he said excuse me as if it was a accident. He even makes it his business to come stand behind him as I'm ringing up customers my register drawer opening and closing so I had to move back a little each time he decided to stick the cigarettes that's directly behind me knowing he would be in close proximity of my rear end brushed across my rear over and over when clearly I'm on the register I should be the one stocking those cigar. Then as I'm taking customers online in between I go to do put backs and stocking the second I walk from my register he calling me asked me where I'm at or complain he couldn't find me for long periods of time to the manager repeatedly until the point I just stopped stocking and doing put backs and just stayed at the register. In top of all that Marco always has smart and slick sarcastic comments to say to me all day. He keeps making false reports and lying to the manager about me inaccurate write ups back to back. On top of that I've been treated like a common criminal ever since the last assistant manager got fired, I'm being watched supervised and monitored 24/7 . Not only by Marco but also the manager for instance I'm no longer allowed to hold keys, count my till or access the safe, each time I need to void a transaction or do a return I have to call the manger or assistant manager when clearly that's part of my job by description so I'll call Marco or the manager to ask for a key to complete a transaction they would stand over my shoulder monitor the transaction then as soon as I finish the transaction they would snatch the keys from my register and quickly put it in there pocket . This gas been going on for about a month at the same time new employees are working that are not key holders have access to the keys there entire shift for instance I watch be and observe all other employees except me have a key in there register at all times without anyone watching over there shoulder every second nor has the keys been immediately taken as soon as they finished a transaction on top of that none of these workers are even lead sales or key holders and the other lead sales associate that works there doesn't have to go through what I do as a lead sales she has unlimited access to counting her till from start to end she also has been allowed to make my till she access the safe daily she hilds keys throughout the entire shift with no one on her back why 2 people with the same exactly position have too completely different sets of rules and duties but when u started we did exactly the same thing i came to dollar general to work only not be falsely accused harassed constantly and treated unfairly. Now my hours gave been cut as a full time worker my hours went from 41 hours to maybe 16. I'm only available 3pm or later from day one all of a sudden I noticed everyone getting the schedule they can work and ask for but me I'm just thrown on they scheduled randomly if I work only 3- 10pm and I clearly told you this months ago 2hy all if a sudden you hire new workers and my schedule changed 2-9pm, 8am -12pm or 2:15 pm 1pm and 2:45 pm starting times all before 3pm and if I can't work those hours and you schedule me anyway it's not my fault but if I don't come at those times I'm late and written up complete madness in the work place. Lastly I'm constantly left alone at the register for long periods of time to deal with long lines of customers while the manager and assistant manager disappear in the store I can barely get to use the bathroom or leave from behind the counter the customers always say you always working the register don't you have help. I'm just sick and tired of the drama I use to love my job now I don't even enjoy coming to work at all the most horrible work environment I ever been subjected to


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      Nov 18, 2019

    Sounds like you were demoted and are no longer a sales lead or even full-time. Usually associates who have limited availability are only allowed to have part-time low rank positions. I don't know what parts of this complaint to believe or not to believe, but concerning the ending and starting till count its usually required for partner counting.

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