Dixie RV SuperStoresforever warranty

We bought a new Hurricane motorhome in May 2018 and purchaced the forever warranty at the finance officer's recomendation. He told us the unit would need to be inspected once a year which seemed reasonable and it was inspected after our purchace and before we took possession of the unit. We were led to belive that as long the unit was inspected during the second year our warranty would be valid but, in September of 2019 we carried it for some small warranty work at which time the service writer informed us since we had not brought it in before May of 2019 our warranty was void. We had the work done and I paid for it but, when I asked the servive writer what could be done about the warranty I had paid for in good faith he told me I could purchace another warranty and start over. I told him if Dixe RV was not going honor the first warranty why would I buy a second one . This policy seems misleading at best and total fraud at worst.
Guunar Byrd

Oct 07, 2019

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