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Diversified Collection Servicesabusive and deceitful collection

I have been having problems with Alice Truman concerning a student loan my daughter fell behind on. Ms. Truman coerced her into signing a contract to pay 50.00 a month to prevent her taxes from being offset. Her taxes are being offset anyway. I am on the account as daughter's representative as she cannot afford a home phone and cannot accept personal calls at her job.

Ms. Truman refuses to talk to me, claiming I am harassing her by calling and requesting copies of the contract, particularly the part where the paperwork I have states that any further collection attempts would be halted. It does not mention the fact that her tax refund would be witheld regardless. She then phoned my daughter AT WORK again, after being informed several times that this was not allowed and threatened to have "her mother" jailed if I did not quit phoning the company.

If I am on the account as a representative do I not have the right to call this person?

By the way...the paperwork has never arrived, surprise surprise.

I have contacted the FTC and the BBB concerning this company's and Ms. Truman's actions.


  • Bl
    bleedingthemapennyatatime May 19, 2012

    What they are doing is illegal and you need to contact an attorney and sue them. Call [protected] and tell them what is going on. Also start recording your phone calls, because they will lie and say they did nothing wrong. Also note days, times and person that has called.

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  • Mu
    Murrell2969 Apr 30, 2012

    I set up payments with DCS so that they wouldn't garnish my disability. I was told as long as my payment arrangements were set up by May 1, 2012 that my disability wouldn't be touched. I made my first payment on April 1, 2012 with the agreed amount of $125. I got a letter on yesterday, April 30th, 2012, telling me that they have garnished my disability anyway. They took $240.19 from my check. There is a payment of $125 on top of that that is due to come out of my account today for the $125 we agreed on. I couldn't afford the $125 but knew if I didn't make arrangements, I would be in worse shape. So now they are getting $365 at least for this month. This is disgusting. They didn't keep their word but clearly they expected me to keep mine because they had the power. I reported them to the FTC today. I will be following up with the States Attorneys Office to see if there is anything else I can do.

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  • An
    Annoyedmother Jan 20, 2012

    They won't stop calling and I'm at stay at home mom.. I haven't gone to school.. so no loans and also have never borrowed. Why do they call me and want to know my social.. they are calling me.. they should have all they need to talk to me right there in front of them.

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  • Ni
    nightranger Jan 03, 2012

    Please see the link below...the Treasury Dept investigated DCS and found they were not complying..DCS is the worst company on the planet..WHATEVER you do ..DO NOT deal with them..they lie lie lie There actions are pretty much criminal

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  • Ir
    IronLung Oct 31, 2011

    U.S. Dept. of Education - Default Resolution Group - [protected]
    Ashley was the agent, was able to look up my loan payments, garnishments and consequently was able to Fax my payroll office to cease the garnishment on my wages. My DCS agent Jennifer, on the other hand, had just given me excuses that their computer system was in upgrade and was having problems and she was going to continue garnishing and secondary payments until the computers were "fixed".
    So don't stop with a call to your DCS rep. Give the Default Resolution Group a call and see if they can help. In fact, it's their job!

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  • Vi
    vivian boone Oct 23, 2011

    I too have been receiving harassing letter from this place about my student loans, iI called them to see what they were about and why i was receiving them get this my loans had been paid off since March 2008 so when I called and gave the account number on the letter the lady told me i gave too many numbers and the account number was wrong so when I gave my ssn# I wasnt in the system she gave me the number to The Department of Education and I wasnt in the system either I called them back wanting to know why they were sending the letters and requested to speak to and supervisor to no avail, I called The Department of Education again to get confirmation on the information that I received from them stating I do not owe them any money and asked they did they use this collection agency and the young man i spoke to said that they did and I informed him what they were doing.

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  • Ho
    Hooper444 Sep 10, 2011

    ECMC transferred my SL debt to Diversified Collections. The debt is 35 years old. 20 years ago a judgement was filed. No action was taken because I was judgment proof. I had no assets. In florida you are really protected under the homestead act. I don't have a job so they can't garnish my wages either. It was on my credit report for 7 years but that came off and it is now time barred.Yes, even though it's a student loan they do have to follow FDCPA laws. So while they can and do take my husbands tax refund ( we allow this without him filing for injured spouse as it's not his loan) the loan went from $3500 back in 1976 to over $15K today. And that is after the tax offsets. They can and probably will take a portion of any social security check I get. As I didn't work all these years except sporadically, I have no check of my own. But when you are married for more than 10 years, you get 1/2 of your husbands check. They can take a % of my check but cannot leave me with less than $750 a month or up to 25% of the check. So when I am old and most vulnerable and least able to protect myself they will be taking money from my SS check. Not my husbands but if he dies first then the SS check goes to me and once again they will take money from me. Fun huh? The DOE is putting a huge burden on people with these student loans and with the economy the way it is now, and I expect it to get worse, expect more defaults. Then people will cry a bit louder and the law will change. As soon as it does I will file BK on that small loan which they have taken 3 X over already in the form of tax refund offsets.

    Noticed that they DCS did a credit inquiry on me which makes it look like I am applying for credit or a loan with them, the type of inquiry that works against your credit. That might be illegal and I have contacted the credit bureau to dispute it. Since I had a stafford subsidized loan which does NOT require a credit report at all as it is not dependent on your credit, there would be no reason for them to make it look like I am applying for credit even 35 years later.
    Once the bureau contacts me about the dispute ( unauthorized credit inquiry) I will then contact every state representative that I can find that is fighting to change the laws on student loan debt and there are many now that want student loans to be like all other loans as they were 30 years ago. Dischargeable!

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  • Sh
    shdwolf1 May 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Not all 'debts' collection agency's call on are even legitimate. I've paid my debts off, but still get harassing calls, many from debts over 25 years old that were paid off years ago. These collectors buy old debt for pennies, then harass and badger hoping to get something. Doesn't matter if the debt is not valid, or was paid off already, they'll still call and harass. They'll threaten everything from garnishment to ruining your credit. They'll tell you they'll sue you, and see you in prison for not paying your bills. Well, fact is, unless you agree to make a payment to them, they can't do anything to you. Only a legitimate creditor can place any info on your credit report. If you don't acknowledge the debt, , and NEVER send them any payment, they can't do anything to you. Also, if you get a copy of your credit report, you can go online, or call, and dispute anything on your report. If a creditor did a Charge Off, they were paid by their insurance for your debt, and usually won't counter your dispute. Bottom line, you can get a lot of old and/or erroneous items off your report, and it'll be like the debt never existed!

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  • Sw
    sweetgirl73 Apr 19, 2011

    I was contacted by a woman from DCS back in May, 2009. She contacted me at work and explained she was calling in regards to my student load that had gone into a default status. Now, I didn't default merely because I just didn't want to pay. My husband had left me and I was trying to pay rent on my own that I could barely afford, never mind all the other bills that come along with life. I ended up having to move and just couldn't pay at that time. I explained to her that she was calling me at work and I couldn't talk to her about this matter while I was at work. She explained to me that I could go back to making the payments I was making to ASA, which were $75/month, or they were going to start garnishing my wages. I took down her name, number and ext. she could be reached at. This was a Thursday that we had this conversation. She told me that I needed to call back no later than the end of their business day on Friday. I started calling from my cell phone when I left work that day...the day she called me. I left her 2 vm's that were never returned. I called her 6 more times the next day, each time leaving her vm's to please return my call on my cell. When I never heard back from her, I called the main number, and asked the operater if I could speak to someone else about my account because this was a time-sensitive matter. I was told that she was my rep and I couldn't speak with anyone but her and was transferred to her only having to leave another vm. I left 2 more vm's when I left work that night. None of my messages were returned. I continued to call her several times over the next few weeks and I never got a return phone call. Before I knew it, they had contacted my employer, and have been garnishing my wages ever since. It's funny that I was told I had to speak with that one person because she was my rep, but once they started the garnishment, I was able to speak with anyone that was available anytime I called them since. They're still garnishing me even though I've been paid in full for weeks now. Every time I call they tell me that it is now is ASA's hands to print the release forms that get sent to my employer and that should only take a couple of days. Well, it's been more than a couple of days, and my employer hasn't received anything from them. I'm keeping track of all the overages that have been taken out of my wages because they say that I will get this back. But, it seems that everytime I call, they tell me that I'm paid in full as of a certain date, but that date has changed from the original date I was given. This is why I'm keeping track. I noticed in one of the comments that was written on this board and that person said they think it's funny that people pretty much have no problem borrowing the money to go to school but don't want to pay it back. I don't think that's what any of us wanted or intended on doing. Unexpected things in life happen and that's the bottom line. The last thing I wanted was for a government loan to go into default only to ruin the credit I worked so hard on repairing. This has caused me such financial hardship where I've had nights without any dinner, I fell behind in everything to the point that I had to move twice, and worst of all I ended up having to file bankruptcy. THAT'S the last thing I ever wanted to do. DCS offers you to apply for a financial hardship hearing so you can plead your case in hopes that they will stop garnishing your wages and be able to feed your family again. You end up receiving their paperwork too late to fill it out and get it back to them in time only to plead your case to a person that couldn't care less about your situation. Anyone that I have spoken to about these so-called hearings all have had the same outcome as mine did...nothing. Be careful of these people. Once you've been contacted by them get on-line and become aware of your rights.

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  • Wh
    whatever on dcs Mar 26, 2011

    The last two years our tax refund has been taken to be put towards my $11k of student loans that were in default by DCS. $4781 last year and $6140 this year. When DCS called me they informed me I owed $6477.oo still and would make pmt arrangments of 70/mo for 6 pmts to get my loan out of default.that i could have a 50/50 chance of getting my refund this yr. (This was before they took the $6140 for this year. So, I took their deal for the 70/mo pmts.) Made 1 pmt and next i know the loan is off my credit report and i can get a school loan again. (once i pay another one of these jokers)just in case i put the 70 in my acct this month on the due date..and a week later it is still sitting there. no phone calls from them, no reciepts but for the pmt in feb im assuming i am square with these ppl. since they are not contacting me anymore. we lived last year without a tax refund, and we are living this year without it too...but atleast one collection agency is off my [censor]. now to pay texas guarantors, so they will pull my loan and free up my title 6 eligiblity. life happens and sometimes you just cant pay.

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  • Da
    Danira Mar 15, 2011

    I have been contacted by Jennifer from 773.966.0365 in regards to my 2nd mortgage. Looks like she has a script to read and once she's done she hangs up. I called her back and left her a voice message asking to speak with her manager. She never calls back or gives me any other information to speak with anyone else but her. Then I googled the company. There is a 800.927.7667 which I was given by Jennifer as well with her extension of 3611. However when you dial 800 you don't get an option to dial any extension, it goes directly to that women's voice mail. What kind of company is this?!

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  • Fe
    fedupwiththenonsense Mar 15, 2011

    They are attempting to collect a debt discharged in Bankruptcy 7 years ago. They are well aware that the practice of attempting to collect discharged debts is illegal. Collector's name is Tiffany Wright.
    Complaint filed with the FTC, the BBB and the CA Attorney General's Office.

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  • Gi
    Girlwithhook Mar 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I received a nasty surprise when my federal tax refund came: nearly half of it had been taken to pay off a student loan to Great Lakes.

    Here's the thing: I never took out a student loan. I went to a small college and was able to pay my way with scholarships. I called Great Lakes; she directed me to DCS. I called DCS and spoke with an account supervisor. She was actually pretty nice; she informed me that they were trying to collect for a loan paid to a college I never attended--and paid almost a decade after I finished school. She claimed that my address was such-and-such; the problem is, I know that house well and the apartment she named doesn't exist!

    She then admitted that there were several women with my name in their system. Good grief!

    She has put the debt into dispute and is sending me a bunch of paperwork about it. The question, then, is how do I get back the tax return they basically stole?

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  • Jo
    johnny blaze Feb 28, 2011

    i am dealing g with them as well my contact person has changed numerous times now Im dealing with dawn click she has been very helpful but the others at the company don't seem to have that same consideration towards people in this situation Im sure allot of people want to go to school and find out later that they were co-hearsed into signing papers and agreement they weren't fully aware of the reprocutions like me and the still take your taxes johnnyblaze

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  • Mi
    mildred294 Feb 23, 2011

    Good morning:

    This company is giving checks without FUNDS:


    Construction & Restoration

    12555 S.W. 130th Street

    Miami, Florida 33186

    Office [protected]

    Fax [protected]

    [email protected]

    For the last times this company is giving payroll checks without funds. A group of employees has been almost arrested in Cashier's stations because these Diversified checks are bein bouncing since 3 months. I have a check since las 1 28 2011 and there are no funds in the bank.

    I am requesting an investigation to these people because it is not possible that in United States a Boss (JERRY) can be riding a limo in town visiting the projects and there are no funds in the bank. No Cashier Shops want to cash these checks and they are calling the police for each person that goes with a Diversified Check.

    HELP ME...

    Pedro J Batista

    900 Bay Drive 1012

    MB FL 33141



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  • My
    my biggest mistake Feb 19, 2011

    Going to college was the biggest mistake of my life.
    I didn't have a parent go with me the day that I was bullied into signing up. I was promised a low affordable payment, I was never told that my loans would be bought and sold at a whim and that eventually I would end up with four different loans. Each lender wants to collect more in one month than I even make in a month. I went to a [censor] community college for a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design. The loan was originally for $50, 000 after just three years of making my payments just the interest alone has made the total $85, 000, for a degree that is obsolete. I have tried to get a "good job" that pays enough to get by, but the industry has changed. Companies have discovered that they can have architects do the interior design work in addition to their own job, therefore making the designers unnecessary. These student loans aren't the only expense I have either. I work a full time job in retail because there aren't other jobs available. DCS had me on rehabilitation terms for 9 months of repayment, I satisfied those terms because they auto-debit 50% of my monthly income. This doesn't include my other bills. I don't even have a cell phone.
    To you Suzydebtcollector: I'm very frugal, I don't spend money unless I have to. I would love to make more money a month, but even if I did make more money the math is obvious that there is no way to break even. Here's an example
    $1, 000.00 (net monthly income)
    - $500.00 (minus to DCS)
    - $250.00 (minus to car payment)
    - $200.00 (minus to Sallie Mae)
    - $100.00 (minus to American Education Services)
    - $100.00 (minus to car insurance)
    (already $50.00 in the negative and that's not including: Food, Gas, Housing, Utilities, Etc.)

    So you tell me- are you hiring and do you pay enough to sustain these bills. PS if I could go back and refund my worthless knowledge that I gained for the price of $85, 000 I would do it in a heartbeat! and on that same note, if I won the lottery the very first thing I would do is pay those student loans off!

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  • Da
    daisydoodle Feb 16, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    suzydebtcollector: my you are quite the nasty person aren't you that makes you well suited for such a position. Guess you have never heard of extenuating circumstances; health or medical problems; unexpected expenses. how nice it must be for you to be so perfect that you can slam other people without knowing the full extent of their particular circumstances. you might try a little empathy or the whell of Karma might be rolling your way. I will bet all of my debt that you are a rightwinger/teabagger

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  • Al
    allinflux Jan 20, 2011

    Quit making references to everyone here being in the toilet.
    There are so many different reasons why people get into problems with student loan debt. We all see that you are justifying your own existence with the high and mighty supermom debt collector platform you speak on. Besides the obvious fact that you are deeply insecure, if you had a brain you'd be giving selfless advice.

    How do you sleep at night knowing how many lives you've impacted so negatively.
    You should not be proud of the excessive/immoral "surcharges" you have saddled people with over the years.
    We all know that you've built your dream home with money you in essence stole from those of us who are suffering to gain footing in this monetary based, debt driven society.
    Just know that when you brush your teeth in the morning an [censor] is looking you in the eye.
    The next time you [censor] an unsuspecting person into giving a revolving credit card or debit card number...
    Remember the universe will have you skinned twice as hard with pure lemon juice and that's only a start.
    Never give these creeps any credit/debit card numbers without a written agreement!!!

    333 N CANYON PKWY STE 100
    LIVERMORE, CA [protected]

    There is abundant evidence of the use of abusive, deceptive, and unfair debt collection practices by your debt collection organization. You have failed to provide me with the disclosure required of you pursuant to § 809(a) of the FDCPA. You may not contact a third party without my prior written consent, in violation of § 805(b), as that third party was not myself, my attorney, a consumer reporting agency, the creditor, the attorney of the creditor, nor your attorney. I assure you if such violations happen I will not hesitate to pursue a FDCPA lawsuit against you.


    You are hereby notified under § 809(b) that the alleged debt, and any portion thereof, is disputed. Further, I am requesting that you fully validate this alleged debt and provide me with a full accounting of your debt validation due diligence, a copy of any applicable judgment, a copy of the original agreement, bearing my handwritten signature, which indicates my consent to the alleged debt, and the name and address of the original creditor.


    You are hereby notified under § 805(c) that I refuse to pay the allege debt and demand that you cease to, or attempt to, initiate any further communication with me. You shall not communicate with me further, except --

    to advise me that further efforts are being terminated;
    2. to notify me that you may invoke specified remedies which are ordinarily invoked by your organization; or
    3. to notify me that you intend to invoke a specified remedy, if applicable.

    I request that communication permitted under § 805(c) be made in writing.

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  • Be
    Ben Dover 4me Dec 24, 2010

    If you have a verizon cell phone you can stop DCS from calling it by blocking their number.They only have a few numbers that they can call you from.They wont and cant do 90 percent of the things they say they can.

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  • Ch
    CHCIDAD Dec 21, 2010

    I got a voicemail this morning from David Jones from Legal Service of the US Dept of guest service. Threatning me to call them back or the will see me in the courthouse. He was obviously reading from a half [censor] script and he bearly spoke any english. HAHA nice try, a normal person might get frantic and call them back, but they can go fly a kite as far as im concerened.. So DCS misrepresenting yourselves is a federal offense, I have the voicemail saved, and you can kiss my [censor].

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  • Rp
    rpg1021 Nov 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To Suzydebt collector,

    Here's a new one for you then. I DO NOT HAVE an unpaid debt with DCS. They are fraudulently trying to collect from me a student loan that I have neither applied for nor ever received. Here's the agreement part with the rest of the complaints: they are attempting to collect this fraudulent debt unlawfully and abusively. First of all, they demand that in order to stop collection efforts, that I must reveal sensitive financial information over the phone. I could go on and on, but it would be duplicates of most that is already written. Thank you to the anonymous post for the form dispute letter, I'm printing that out now.

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  • Yo
    YoshiSkye Nov 19, 2010

    DCS had the worst customer service I've experienced, i was out of the country for about 6/7 months and had an account with t-mobile, i called them to let them know i would be out of the country for sometime and asked them to suspended the line which they did and later cancelled once i returned i called them trying to sort out payment which they said was sent to DCS. I called DCS to arranged payments because i was lucky enough to find a job days after returning to the US, however wasn't so lucky i was a home aide and the patient i was with had to return to her country for surgery so i then had no more job, i called DCS back telling them what had happed and asking if i could postpone my payments until i found another job. The customer service rep Charles Lewis immediately told me "no i wouldn't be able to cancelled the transaction and that they will still charge my checking account leaving it in a negative state" hurray more debt!!! DCS is such great help! he then told me that if the account is charged and declined there are putting it against my credit. Is there a way to fight this because it's not like i dont want to pay the bill i am just unemployed and broke.

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  • De
    debtor student Sep 13, 2010

    Contact the department of education Ombudsman to resolve any issues with debt collectors. So long as your loan does not have a judgement attached to it you MUST be given at least one opportunity to rehabilitate your Federal Student Loans.

    1. Read 34 CFR 682.405
    2. No down payment is required
    3. No minimum payment is required (at least one percent of the loan balance... thats what they will tell you)
    4. Payments MUST be reasonable and affordable. Fill out a financial statement to have a determination of "reasonable and affordable".
    5. You MUST receive a WRITTEN statement of their reasonable and affordable determination
    6. No good Faith payment is required.
    7. Before paying anything get a rehabilitation IN exceptions. Also make sure the agreement states that all other collection efforts will cease during the rehabilitation period.

    if all else fails contact the ombudsman at

    Good Luck All!!!

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  • Hu
    Human Being Aug 25, 2010

    I got a call from a nasty Rep on my cell phone. The representative confirmed with me that the information he had on file was not me. After I confirmed that I was not the person, nor had treatment by such doctor and that I had proof that all his information was wrong, he said he just wanted to make a payment plan with me. (mind you I just finished verbally verifying that all information he had was wrong and that I could literally provide documentation to the contrary) he continued on about payment plan, I needed to make a payment! (it was like he wasn't even listening to me). Then I requested he provide me his proof (i.e., dates of service, amounts due, any contracts signed by me, etc., how he got my information) he said never mind "the attorney would be the next in line to contact" me to collect the debt then hung up the phone. Nasty, really, really nasty.

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  • Ta
    taymee Aug 16, 2010
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    Verified customer

    Sorry, I wasn't done with the first one and didn't think I had posted it, teach me for getting up and leaving things half done with 2 year olds running around.

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  • Ta
    taymee Aug 16, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Many posters have pointed out that there is one common factor amongst all those complaints- a bill was owed and not paid. This is true. It is interesting that all of the other commonalities are not being mentioned though. There are a lot. Let me list some of them:

    1. they were lied to
    2. private information was shared with 3rd parties without permission
    3. garnishments happened without permission- this one will become very important later
    4. payments are not being credited properly
    5. threats are being made routinely
    6. the debts are pretty old.

    Here's the think folks- most of you caused the worst problems yourselves when you sent that first communication saying, "yes I owe this debt" That resets the Statute of Limitations.

    Private student loans are subject to statute of limitations. These a promissory note debts and the statute will be different for each state. For me it is Iowa. My statute of limitations was up a year ago. In other words- this debt is uncollectable unless I claim it or start making payments. YOUR WAGES ARE BEING GARNISHED AFTER YOU MAKE PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS. This is because they COULDN'T garnish your wages before you- by making a payment- reset the statute of limitations.

    Now if the loan you are dealing with is a federal loan that's a differnt story- there is NO statute of limitaitons on Federal Loans- but most of us would have consolidated those and entered into either deferment or income sensitive repayment on all of those (I am in income sensitive repayment right now on mine)

    My situtation is that my husband- when he was 17 (and therefore not legally able to enter the contract anyway) applied for a loan he was denied. The representative told him he could have been approved for a smaller loan so he reapplied for the smaller one that he was awarded.

    We began getting bills for the larger loan- the one he was denied- as soon as he got out of college. Fine but we don't want to repay the loan he didn't get, we demanded the paperwork for the real loan, which never came. All we ever go was the application for the rejected loan. We demanded they send us confirmation that they approved that loan- not surprisingly they could not provide that proof. We wrote that we disputed the debt on the basis that approval documentation was not provided. We heard nothing again for 6 years. I was a little surprised at that because I thought they would have sent us the documentation for the proper loan and we could have gone from there- but nothing every came from that.

    Now, 6 years later, I get a letter saying my husband's wages are going to be garnished if I don't pay 19, 000 within 3 days. Right, cause I was born yesterday. The loan he recieved was for 9, 000 (give or take a few). I don't mind paying that bill, but no one has ever attempted to collect on that and I'm not paying a loan we did not get. I'm not paying on that 9K until I know who to send the payment to (the Original Creditor no long exists- they went under from unfair lending practices. Imagine, a company that loans money to a minor being charged with that?). I also demand to know the account number to credit that payment to, and a written payment plan.

    The Iowa SOL for promisory note debts is 5 years. This has been 6 years. They use language that makes it seem that if you don't pay they will garnish your pay. I'm not paying and they can't garnish- but if I did pay, they could garnish. Kinda tricky [censor] aren't they?

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  • Ta
    taymee Aug 16, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I see several common threads to these conversations. Yes one thread is that each of these posters has a debt to pay. that is only one commonality though there are others;

    2. They have been lied to by collection representatives
    3. They have had money taken without permission
    4. They have had neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family notified of specifics about the debt
    5. phone calls have been of a harassing form- If I didn't have 9, 000 ten minutes ago, what in the world makes you think I have it now?
    6. They company has repeatedly refused to provide original documentation of the debt
    7. The company has repeatedly refused to apply payments made to the account.
    8. The interest rate is such that the debt can NEVER be paid to them.

    I think if the only complaint was, "I keep getting these calls and I don't think I should have to pay the bill" it would be a different matter. The other common threads to these posts, however, make that criticism of the complainants a bit ignorant (and I mean that in the form of refusing to admit to information that one does not like)

    My dealings with this company are a bit odd. My husband owes a student loan, we know that much. The dispute is the amount of the loan. He applied for a loan for 19, 000 and was denied - this is the one they are collecting on, he was approved however for a much smaller loan. While we are willing to pay for the loan we actually GOT, we are not willing to pay over 10 grand more for the one we were denied.

    We have asked for a copy of the original debt. We were given a copy of the application we submitted for the 19K loan. We asked for paperwork showing that the loan we applied for was approved. We have never gotten that. We have asked over and over again. We will not pay for something we did not get. If they had proof that they had approved the loan they would be sending it to us, the fact that they refuse can only mean that they don't have it- not surprising since it does not exist.

    For those thinking, oh well your just a deadbeat- I am married mother of 5. I am a public school teacher and my husband is- believe it or not- a bill collector. We DO qualify for food stamps, though we don't receive them. We each work full time and raise our kids without any help from anyone. This is not a whine, but a statement. We stand on our own. Should this company try to garnish our wages or taxes (something they are not supposed to be able to do without going to court - at which time you are supposed to get the chance to be present) we will drop the pride thing and get the food stamps. I have a feeling the judge will be a little less tolerant of a company demanding 9, 000 one time payment form someone on food stamps than say, some guy who just decides, "I don't wanna pay." Beyond that, I really can't see a judge awarding this company funds if they continue to refuse to provide proof (that does not exist) that we actually received the loan they are collecting for.

    I admit I owe something, but not what they are saying. I will not pay this now and then wind up not getting credit for paying off the loan I actually received.

    I always suggest to people (even though my hubby is a debt collector) PAY THE ORIGINAL DEBTOR. Never pay a collection company if you can help it. Once the original debtor is paid, keep your proof. If at any point anyone tries to garnish wages or taxes after the debt has been paid, get a lawyer, give him your proof, and sue the hell out of them for attorney fees, over draft charges, and anything else you can think of- once the debt is paid, taking your money is THEFT.

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  • Sh
    shashomoragne Aug 01, 2010

    I have several loans dating back to 1993 and they have not defaulted but the one i have with DCS. was in 2008 and it has went into default, when i called them they said they mailed me info. but, it got returned??????? i asked why and the man said you changed your address, in return i said no i've been living here for over 6 years that can't be. so i asked him if i could get a deferment because i was disabled he hung up the phone. haven't heard from no one since. if anyone can help me please help me they are talking about taking my taxes!! i haven't recevied any thing from this DCS company and when i wanted to return back to school!
    that's when i found out about them! so if anyone can give me info on how to beat these people let me know thanks...
    [email protected]

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  • Un
    unhappy ex employee Jul 18, 2010

    i used to work for dcs and it is all about the payment so they can bonus for the month they will start at like 500.00 then drop it all the way down to 50.00 so they can bonus and it is all a script but dan pena is a hard [censor] and will try to pursuade u to pay as much as he can get from you but u can make a 5.00 payment and they cant garnish u and if u tell them not to call ur job they cant by law and take it to silvia perra and advise her of what they did but yea its all about the money with them so they can hit there bonus...

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  • Re
    ReformedDebtCollector1 Apr 08, 2010

    I am a reformed debt collector, which previously worked for DCS for years. I've been reading all of your posts and understand most of the frustration one would have with a debt collection agency. I too owe outstanding debts. I know what it feels like to be called at different places incessantly. But, I also know what it's like to sit on the other end of that phone line. Unfortunately, there's nothing that we can do to erase this stigma that debt collectors have. However, they are just like you. They owe debt too. I cannot speak for everyone at the company, but I can offer you a glimpse of my experience and advice.

    I know most of the individuals that are collecting your debts personally. I worked with some of them for years. However, there are quite a few (over a hundred) employees that were hired within the last year. I can tell you that these kids--because most of them are in their early 20's-- are barely trained. Most of the time they only get training when they skrew up. Believe me, skrew ups are frequent. Not to mention, the environment at the company is extremely unethical to work in.

    I understand that sifting through the crazyness of debt can be troublesome and frustrating, especially when you get a call out of the blue. Those kids are thrown on a phone too quickly. They aren't shown the proper decorum or manners to have. They give them a script and unless they are experienced they have no idea what to say or where to look for information. I spent my first year there in this position. However, I quickly learned that you catch more flys with honey. I spent most of my time rectifying issues that other collectors had created.

    I can tell you that if you are having difficulty dealing with the collector, and find yourself getting frustrated. Be honest with them; they are real people too. They have feelings, even though their told to be "unconcerned". I've had to deal ###-hole collectors too. I simply tell them that their call is going nowhere fast, and to give me their contact information and I'll call them when I regain my calm, and they better be calm too when I call back.

    I will say this, I know a call can be suprising. Maybe you didn't know that your debt had gone into collections. However, when a collector hears "i don't owe this", that automatically makes one look less serious and responsible. We know we took out the loan, we signed for it. We know we owed backed taxes, we filed them. We know we owe backed social security, they send us notices. We have to take responsibility for our actions. Calling names, yelling, lying and being rude get us nowhere. We have to say to ourselves, "I skrewed up. Okay, lets fix it." If we don't do that we go around in circles. I mean unless you like to be in the muck and mire. I personally don't, which is why I no longer work at DCS. Being unemployeed is better.

    If you have questions about dealing with collecions, please feel free to email me at [email protected] Please don't send me harrassing emails, because I am sincerely offering help to those who just don't know where to turn.

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  • Ih
    IhateCollectors Mar 24, 2010

    I just had my first experience with DCS today, and what a pleasure Christina Medina was. Not only would she not tell me why she was asking me all these questions, but when i questioned more, she would respond with because i said so and just cause. She made me believe they just got my file and, like everyone else, and its up for review in 2 days. I explained that I want to set up payments, I am working now and no longer living in the streets, just got my bankruptcy discharged, but am still sick and seeing mult dr a month. I guess that doesnt fit into her commission check, as she offered to waive the "10% of balance" down payment, and i could pay either 695/mo, 495/mo or 305/mo, payment being due within the next 2 days. I tried to move the date until 4-2 when i get pd and was told no, my file would be reviewed in 2 days, so either i can pay or i can't. You can't make lemonade without lemons, so I am with the rest of you. I had no idea who even had my loans until today when my tax return was applied towards my balance, and I want to resolve it, but doesnt look like they are willing to do that. At this point, Ive contacted AES to let them know the bullies they have working for them, and I am consulting an attorney at the law firm I work at. As for the collector who took the time to respond, I am positive that even as perfect as you are you have had a bad day and were rude and loud and pushed someone into making a payment that they didnt want to (probbably to hit your number for the month). I work at a collection law firm, so I am familiar with how they treat people, but this place takes collections to a much lower level. I would rather have a wage execution done than have this collector make a commission off my payments. This will be resolved and I have every intention of paying the money back, but not without making the atty general, bbb, and everyone else i can think of know that this collection agency is working with no morals or ethics.

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  • I am currently working the Dave Ramsey plan and I have reached this debt. I haven't heard from them in about 2 years ago when the debt went bad. We had a really bad time back then and are just now being able to climb back out. I looked up the info and called them to tell them to send me a current bill showing everything I owe and an address to send the payment. Instead the rep I got yelled at me and told me if I hadn't paid in two years sending me another bill wouldn't do any good. KEEP IN MIND I AM TRYING TO PAY THEM. I told her I refused to be talked to that way and to send me a bill when they want to be paid. It has been a month still no bill. SERIOUSLY! I think I am going to start calling them at all hours of the day and night driving them crazy until they send me a bill. I refuse to pay over the phone because I want written proof I paid them in full.

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  • An
    ann o nymus Mar 16, 2010

    This company is calling our office insisting someone named Irene works here. We've never heard of Irene. I tried to send them an e-mail to set them straight. I'm the editor at my newspaper so I think I'd know the staff pretty well. I spoke with the owners as well and no Irene has worked here in their more than 25 year history with the company. There is a web site that incorrectly lists a quite a few people as working here who do not. I informed the web site of their incorrect records as well.

    I hope DCS doesn't call back because we have no idea who Irene is or where they can actually find her and we have work to do. We don't need to waste our time talking with debt collectors who don't know what they're talking about. I told the woman on the phone - we don't know Irene, no Irene works here, no she's not our executive producer and, in fact, we've never had an executive producer. It's not even a role that exists here. So hello DCS if you're out there: stop calling us.

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  • Co
    compladcsselenaandsarah Mar 10, 2010

    I have read all these reviews and I think at this point someone needs to do something about this mob like company. Hy husband received a phone call 1 yr ago regarding this company. the "lady" Serena Bailey who is our representative for this company told us we owed $4000.00+ dollars. We didn't even know we had debt. But us being young an dumb at the time paid it. 65$ every month. So now were trying to buy a house and go figure that this so called debt we owed does not show up on our credit report. Our loan officer, under writer and the credit bureau cannot find this debt on our credit. So I call DCS and speak with Sarah Blane. She says that she can see it and that the matter does not need to concern me. Um I think it does. Its 65$ out of our joint account which by the way, my husband can swear up and down he didn't have this loan. When we call, the company threatens you. I have turned them in and closed my account at my bank for the time being. but I hope and pray that I can take this matter further. And by the way DCS at first couldn't tell my husband who he owed money to. then they pulled a name out of there ###. This company is a FRAUD company. I recommend you don't do anything and DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY. A year ago when I tried to find out who this company was from the DCS representative, Selena, she couldn't tell us who we owed money to. She said she didn't have access to that information, but she had my cell phone, address, where I worked, debit card numbers. But not that. Which by the way DUMB ###. When a compnay hires you to collect a debt for them, your going to know who the company was that hired you. What the ### do you not know where your own personal pay checks come from. I have turned this company in, like I said before. They are a bunch of idiots. And the best part was having that stupid ### Sarah stuttering because she was in the wrong.

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  • G0
    g0neinsane Mar 08, 2010

    I received a letter from this company stating that I owed a delinquent debt from the State of Louisiana Department of revenue. The letter looked official enough so I call them and spoke with Alyssa @ ext 3710. I must admin that it did cross my mind that I could have messed up something on my taxes but then she explained that it was for Tax year 1999. This seemed od since I lived in Texas at from late '98-2000. When I told her as much, she said that they were going to file a levee against me in 2 days unless I paid the debt in full. She added that I would have 2 full years to dispute the claim, but I must first pay the debt. This all sounded a bit shady fo rI contacted the Louisiana Department of Revenue Collection Division.

    Here is were things got interesting, they told me that the fees were from failure to file a tax return for the year 1999. I let them know that I was a Texas resident that year and she told me to simply provide proof of residency in Texas and all would be good. I expressed concern about DCS filling legal proceeding and she told me they had no legal right to. I called DCS back and explained this to Alyssa. She came up with a story about only dealing with computers and never talking on the phone with the people that hire them. Then she said that they are still filling legal action tomorrow. I must admit I lost my cool at that point.

    When I settled down, I looked on the BBB's site for DCS and found 190 complaints. Make that 191 as of 30 minutes ago. They show an A rating somehow so I looked and it seams that when challenged, they tend to fold. Most scams do. I contacted the Louisiana Attorney General's office and am contemplating contacting the California Attorney General's office. If they file and legal proceeding against me, I will sue them, although I doubt it would matter much.

    I do not understand how this is legal...

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  • Ye
    YESELEE88 Mar 05, 2010


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  • Cr
    CreolePrincess Feb 16, 2010

    I am also having the same issue. I am actually paying on my debt but they wont respond to my calls, emails or faxes. Just like they have their proper process, as consumers we still have ours as well. I will continue to pay the monthly payment, and I accpet that they have taken almot 10, 000K already. Yes it was my debt. Unfortuntely the bulk of the money they have collect has been applied toward penalties and fees so my principal balance is still pretty close to what it was.

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  • Dv
    dvs sucks Jan 22, 2010



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  • Dv
    dvs sucks Jan 22, 2010

    THESE ARE PEOPLE FROM HELL!! ESPECIALLY WITH QUEEN RITA (sounds like an old witch by the way) ON BOARD!

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  • Dv
    dvs sucks Jan 22, 2010

    i am glad that people like me can air out our complaints about Diversified collection!!! the agent named RITA is one of the most rude person i have met in my entire life (almost all of them are but Rita is the "B" from hell).
    I have borrowed a friend's card to settle my supposed debt from Tmobile (courstey of another ungrateful person). I specifically told "Rita from hell" that payment is just one time and the rest of the 2 payments i will call using my card. @nd payment came and i called only Rita from hell already gets it through from my friend's card (meaning they have kept that card number when they are not suppose to for security reasons). Apparently, my friend had an overdraft because of that. I called DCS saying i have been settling this proble(spare them from harrassment calls which they normally do to others, the only thing DCS have to do in my case is to be professional)..this is the part of the conversation Rita from hell hang up the phione on me..i called several times only to be given the run around...
    I am planning to post blogs about what kind of people DCS have hired to ruin their reputation(whatever it is left) and for Tmobile (which i definitely agree to have the best customer service in the world) to go for another collection agency.


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