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Diversified Collection Servicesabusive and deceitful collection

I have been having problems with Alice Truman concerning a student loan my daughter fell behind on. Ms. Truman coerced her into signing a contract to pay 50.00 a month to prevent her taxes from being offset. Her taxes are being offset anyway. I am on the account as daughter's representative as she cannot afford a home phone and cannot accept personal calls at her job.

Ms. Truman refuses to talk to me, claiming I am harassing her by calling and requesting copies of the contract, particularly the part where the paperwork I have states that any further collection attempts would be halted. It does not mention the fact that her tax refund would be witheld regardless. She then phoned my daughter AT WORK again, after being informed several times that this was not allowed and threatened to have "her mother" jailed if I did not quit phoning the company.

If I am on the account as a representative do I not have the right to call this person?

By the way...the paperwork has never arrived, surprise surprise.

I have contacted the FTC and the BBB concerning this company's and Ms. Truman's actions.


  • So
    Sonia-in-portland Sep 11, 2008
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    I am sorry to hear about your negative experience with DCS. In the beginning, I too, had major problems with DCS. The rep called me everyday on both phones and also failed to mail me any paperwork regarding my student loan. I gave up on them and stopped attempting to repair my defaulted student loan. I had to change my cell phone # because they called so much.

    Then a few months later (in May 08), I called their 800# and asked about doing a loan rehabilitation. it was like I said the magic phrase. I was transferred to a rep named Linda James who told me all about loan rehab and how it will remove any negative things off your credit report, etc. They calculated my monthly pymts to be $220/mo for 9 months. She mailed me my paperwork right away and has been very nice everytime I've called her. The daily phone calls stopped and the mail correspondence stopped. I simply call her once a month to make my pymt over the phone. I've made 5 so far. 4 more pymts and my loan will no longer be in default status.

    Because of DCS (and rep Linda James), I finally feel very good about the status of my credit and my student loan. I am happy this rep informed me of all my options and even advised me on which was quicker, cheaper, worse, etc.

    Maybe you shd call the DCS manager (Dan Pena, [protected] x3516) and ask for a different "account manager" or rep. It might just make the difference.

    Sonia B in Portland, OR.

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  • Ma
    Mary Sep 29, 2008
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    Looks like someone who works for DCS wrote this reply. It isn't realistic at all.

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  • Ml
    ML3 Jan 03, 2009

    I agree with Mr. Clay. These people can be very ruthless and evil. They strictly follow the script line and if you began to challenge them, immediately they will say, are you refusing to pay. My daughter also felled behind on her student loan and it was referred to DCS. Scott Ramon began making harrassing phone calls to our church trying to get information about my daughter and myself, but was unsuccessful. This went on for about two weeks, until my daughter stated to him that he was in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, because she had verbally told him to quit making harrassing phone calls to the church. He then lied and stated that she used that number as a reference.

    She let him know once she receive something in writing, then she will work out payment arrangements, what she can afford to pay. He wanted to force her into making over $300 a month. He's trying his best to get us to say we are refusing to pay, the conversation ends w/ out responding to him and hanging up. My daughter will following-up w/ a certified/return receipt letter to the company to cease communication, unless in writing.

    She will also contact the FTC. The best thing is to know your rights.

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  • Am
    AmbrosiaTatum Jan 21, 2009

    The tactics in which collectors from DCS use to attain information and payments are deceptive.I have looked up Diversified Collection Services and have found several lawsuits, which they lost, pertaining to the Fair debt Collections Practice Act. I have also researched their lobbying expenditures to the government agencies to be able to collect these debts. I also found they were indicted for illegal political contributions to government officials. I found the transcript of Jon D. Shaver, Chief Operating Officer of Diversified Collection Services testimony before the House Committee on Ways and Means to convince the government to allow them to collect these debts. From all this information DCS does not shine in a good light.

    My great-grandfather received a phone call from a Ryan Stephens at number [protected] ext 3658. When my great-grandfather answered he claimed he was from the Treasury Department. LIE! he then threatened this 90 year-old WWII veteran that they were going to take money from him. He asked if it pertained to an issue that we are going through with the Veterans Affairs, and he rudely exclaimed it is not a VA problem it is a Treasury problem now. The thing with the VA is they said he qualified for benefits and after several years they then said he did not and that he had to pay all the monies back. He lost a lot of hearing in the war and should qualify for something but they will not assist us. We contacted our Congressmen about the abusive and harassing phone calls and they are helping to resolve the issue with the VA. But, if this company is trying to collect for the VA then they are breaking the FDCPA after being told not to contact my great-grandfather and to instead contact the Congressmen.

    I am very upset that a 90 year-old WWII Vet would be treated with such disrespect.

    If anyone would like help in getting info about this company for a lawsuit contact me I will try to help.


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  • Cb
    cbryant Feb 06, 2009

    They were doing the samething to me. Calling me at work and some how got my cell number. I told them that I would be able to give them 75 dollars a month but they said I had to pay over 600 dollars of a thirteen hundred dollar balance owed to the Department of Defense. When I told them about Georgia State Laws on collecting a debt they ceased all calling. I even had to go as far as to have my Lawyer send a notice to them letting them know that they were being sued. I repeatedly asked for them to mail me a copy of there paperwork on the debt I owed and there reply was we have already sent seven of them out. That was back in 2007 and I still to this day have not received a letter. Now my tax refund has been offset and DCS is still collecting on a garnishment that they have put on me. I have payed my debt off and they are refusing to admit to there faults. They are ruthless self rightous "A" holes that get there jollies off from making people suffer and they do not carre what happens. I am filling another Lawsuit against them but this one is for fruad, neglect, pain and suffering, and also loss of wages.

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  • Br
    Brandon Feb 15, 2009

    I've had a better experience with DCS. The did a little harassment at first, trying to get me to pay large down payments when I clearly stated I did not have the money for it. After I told them that I'd just have to let the debt sit and go to court for garnishment, they seemed to be a lot more interested in getting any kind of money out of me. They offered to waive the down payment and put me into a loan rehabilitation program. This program may only apply to student loans, but I am unsure of that matter. I have currently been paying every month without incident through a checking account, with DCS sending me a paper statement every month informing me of my current debt and that they will be withdrawing funds from my account. They told me after 9 months, my load will be out of default status and almost $900 of fines and fees will be dropped. My representative's name was Natalie Hall and she was very courteous and helpful. If you're having problems, I would suggest trying to switch representatives.

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  • An
    anonymous Apr 14, 2009

    333 N CANYON PKWY STE 100
    LIVERMORE, CA [protected]

    Agent for Service of Process
    818 W 7TH ST
    LOS ANGELES, CA [protected]


    There is abundant evidence of the use of abusive, deceptive, and unfair debt collection practices by your debt collection organization. Already, you have failed to provide me with the disclosure required of you pursuant to § 809(a) of the FDCPA. Instead you opted to contact a third party without my prior written consent, in violation of § 805(b), as that third party was not myself, my attorney, a consumer reporting agency, the creditor, the attorney of the creditor, nor your attorney. I assure you if such violations persist I will not hesitate to pursue a FDCPA lawsuit against you.


    You are hereby notified under § 809(b) that the alleged debt, and any portion thereof, is disputed. Further, I am requesting that you fully validate this alleged debt and provide me with a full accounting of your debt validation due diligence, a copy of any applicable judgment, a copy of the original agreement, bearing my handwritten signature, which indicates my consent to the alleged debt, and the name and address of the original creditor.


    You are hereby notified under § 805(c) that I refuse to pay the allege debt and demand that you cease to, or attempt to, initiate any further communication with me. You shall not communicate with me further, except --
    1. to advise me that further efforts are being terminated;
    2. to notify me that you may invoke specified remedies which are ordinarily invoked by your organization; or
    3. to notify me that you intend to invoke a specified remedy, if applicable.

    I request that communication permitted under § 805(c) be made in writing.

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  • Fr
    frustrated Apr 16, 2009

    I am having an absolute horrifying experience with DCS right now. They repeatedly tell me that they need a "good faith" down payment in order to set up a monthly payment plan with me. I have advised them several times that, at this moment, I cannot make the "good faith" downpayment however, in "good faith" I would give them my banking information and not only will I make one monthly payment, I will make two. I have used the term 'loan rehabilition' and they advised me that per the collection agreement with their client, this is not an option. Does anyone know if that's correct?

    Also, while on the phone with the representative, she constantly asked me to hold while she discussed any other offers with her "manager". It seems to me that she was immediately able to get a manager and within 5 minutes would be back on the phone. When I requested to speak with a manager, I was on hold for at least 10 minutes before a manager came on the line. The manager was of no more help to me other than offering the name of a website where I can try to get a loan to pay off this loan. (Ive told them repeatedly my credit will not allow me to get any other type of loan). I had asked this manager if my case could be re-assigned to another representative. He informed me that it could not be re-assigned and if I didn't continue to contact the rep I was assigned they would indicate my file "Refusal to pay". I am absolutely not refusing to pay. I told them I'd pay them $100 every 2 weeks and they could directly debit it from my bank account (my pay dates). When I advised the manager that I really wanted to resolve this however I couldn't make the down payment he said to me, "Oh yeah, you want to resolve this? Where were you the last year? Now you know you HAVE to do something so thats why you want to resolve it"

    Within the past 2 days they have told me a numerous amount of times that TODAY my account was going up for review and they will proceed with involuntary collection if I do not pay in full or make the "good faith" down payment. How could they proceed with INVOLUNTARY collection if i'm volunteering to pay each month? I'm frustrated and at wits end. Does anyone have any advice?

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  • Jo
    joe Apr 20, 2009

    They keel calling my father and I as well about some claim for someone under our shared name living in Virginia - neither of us have ever lived in VA. Incoming number is [protected]

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  • Rw
    rwb Apr 23, 2009

    They called my cell phone while I was at work and made threats that my case was "under review" in 2 days.
    I do have an outstanding student loan but not in the $3, 000 range their quoting. The lady on the phone said
    if I didn't send her $500 right away they would start garnishment proceedings immediately. My wife lost
    her job and we have two kids so I don't have that kind of money. It's good to know that their ### who
    aren't invincible!

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  • Ca
    Carrie Evers Apr 25, 2009

    I have to agree. They telephoned me to state that I was going to have my wages garnished until the debt was paid off. I am also upset with AES because my son is still in college but when he sat out a semester (in Jan instead of summer) they immediately put in in status of not going to school. Then when he found out about the punishment, AES sent paperwork for the school to fill out. The school denied the request by him and would not fill out the paperwork. Then when we went back to AES and asked if we could just send in his transcripts and grades to show that he was still in school the same thing - NO he needed to pay. Well, right now he works a full time job, goes to school at night. He decided to just let it go but then it went to DCS. They called me because my son started to not answer the harassing phone calls from DCS. Then they wanted me to come up with the $$ right now. I am a single mother still raising another child, have held a job for 19 years, no child support from the father and trying to do all of this on my own. After several back to back phone calls they wanted me to come up with 9000 NOW and then make 500.00 payments. I told them that their was no way I could do this. My son and I decided to work with them and got the down payment to 3500 at first and then 305 a month. This still puts my son and I in a terrible time to where I NOW have to get a part time job to make this payment. Part time jobs are hard to find in this economy so who knows, I may have to take up stripping just to make ends meet to help me son. DCS is horrible on the phone with you, making you feel dirty, ashamed, a low life and a terrible person.

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  • Ka
    Kate Apr 27, 2009

    I work for a 2.5 billion dollar company doing business to business colecctions and NEVER treat our deliquent clients like DSC treats theirs. I and my father have been harrasssed via phone. We have tried to make verbal arrangements and then ask them for them in writing and never seem to get them. Now TODAY my father is willing to settle the balance in full via credit card and I'm now told we can not pay via that methid as I'm not an uthorized user on the card, even though he would be the on calling in and making the payment. I have read some of these horror stories reagrding DSC and plan to add my two cents to each site I visist. If you get a letter from them please ask to NOT have Julia Sanchez or David Brown her supervisor as your reprsentative. I'm now awaiting a call back from an even higher up manager to see if he will allow us to PAY the balance today.

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  • To
    toadstool Apr 28, 2009

    I too am a Veteran that "owes" money to the gov't. DCS is trying to collect as well, but won't tell me what specifically I owe and won't give me a number to the Dept. of Treasury to find out why I owe this magical amount. I had the good faith down payment speech too. I told her forget it your wasting your time, I'm not paying a dime for a debt that I know is not mine. She told me they would garnish my wages and taxes...awesome I'm a stay at home mom. works for me, you can gladly garnish chicken dinners as payment.

    I honestly thought this was a scam at first, and honestly still do. Until I get a hold of the "person" I owe this debt to and verification, DCS is wasting there time.

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  • Up
    upsetnv May 17, 2009

    DCS is collecting on on a loan that I paid off several years ago. I never received any collection letters from them and the first contact I had with them was the other day when they called a neighbor to relay a message to me...mind you, a neighbor that lives two blocks away from that I do not know. At first I thought it was some type of hoax. They refuse to send me any proof of this debt. I am actually contacting a consumer lawyer next week and I am documenting and recording any calls from them. The so-called manager I talked to actually told me that he knows I have children and their ages and stated that there are a lot of child predators in my neighborhood and I should be really careful. I asked what he meant by that and what it had to do with this matter and he said he was just "warning me". I took this as a threat and filed a report with my local police deptartment on Tuesday.

    He also had the nerve to start listing off all my credit card accounts, mortgage, etc along with my monthly payment amounts and told me if I can pay those every month, why can't I pay them? I asked where he obtained that information and he said "it is all right here on your credit report". I worried about these people and identity theft. They are just so weird. I really think they have to be a fraudulent company based on what they are saying. I just can't believe it.

    I am also filing complaints with my Attorney General's office in my state and the FTC. Something has to be done. This company breaks every single law. Any future conversations with them that I record, I think I will post on youtube for the world to hear.

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  • Yo
    you know May 22, 2009

    mrs upsetnv we do what we gotta do to get you on the phone, and the way we get the info about is from the social security number that is provided from our client, whether you owe the department of treasury or even taxes you did something with your social that is affecting you now, so you can record and do all that non sense, because weve been doin this for 30 years, we honestly call you to give u a chance to pay before your bank gets liened, and trust me we can do this, we mostly want to help, but the way every one sees debt collectors isnt how we really are, but yea you do what you gotta do and we will keep making our money by doing our jobs, getting you to do something you havent done PAY YOUR DEBTS, thank you and have a nice day, oh yea we will be calling you for your next contact this will be the last attempt before the accnt gets garneshed, ha ha na just messin we cant do nothing right????? or can we????? TRUST ME WE MEAN NO HARM JUST WANT TO HELP YOU PAY YOUR DEBT TO SOCIETY,

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  • Su
    suzydebtcollector Jun 02, 2009

    I've read through these complaints, and I see one common that haven't been paid.

    If any of you deadbeats would stop expecting to get something for nothing and actually PAY YOUR BILLS, they wouldn't end up with companies like DCS and you wouldn't be having the problems you're having now.

    For the single mom...a big reason our economy is in the toilet is because idiots like you can't live within your means. Did you think that student loan was free money?? That's why it's a LOAN. Don't cry about the part-time job - you brought it on yourself.

    And to "you know", grow up. I am a legitimate debt collector. I certainly hope you are just jerking these folks around by pretending to be one, because if you really do work in the field, you are the reason we have a bad name. If you worked for my company, I'd have you're ### in the supervisors office for FDCPA violations.

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  • Fi
    fidget Jun 20, 2009

    the stories are so familar, that i too could be anyone of these people. dcs have been calling and harassing me 7+ times a day. now they are calling my 89 yr. old grandfather who co signed on a student loan.dcs keeps saying we are in default, except i just graduated from college in may 09. when i asked them(teresa doley) how is this possible and what exactly is the amount of the loan she answers with "you should know how much you borrowed" teresa is a smart a-- who just like to intimidate and not co-operate.who are these people and how is itthat they are allowed to operate in this fashion?

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  • Ro
    romoe Jun 24, 2009

    I have had a horrible experience with DCS as well. I got a horrifying call to my job where I am not allowed to use the phones for personal issues from DCS. The following business day, I contacted them to come to a agreement on a repayment plan and got a horrible list of impossible payment plans. I contacted my attorney's office and they sent DCS a letter.

    The best thing to do is to call the original lender and work it out with them. They have way better repayment plans than any of those collection agencies out there.

    It is the collection agencies' job to intimidate people into paying their debts. Their goal is to try to scare people into borrowing from other sources to pay them so then the collection is collected, but the debt remains (in other forms).

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  • Co
    Compl DCS Jul 05, 2009

    suzydebtcollector, shove it up your ### you dirty whore. Why don't you pull your head off your sixth ### of the day behind the WalMart dumpster and look what's happening to our economy and job situation. I hope you die in a fiery bus accident you filthy syphilis-ridden gutter slut.

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  • Cr
    CrazyinTexas Jul 10, 2009

    Suzy Debt Collecter,

    Thank you for being so perfect. I mean really. I am sure you have never made a mistake, been late on a payment or had any financial problems.

    Also thank you for your very astute analysis of our current economic situation. Perhaps you should forward your views to congress. I am sure your suggestions would be well taken there.

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  • Do
    DOG HOUSE Jul 14, 2009

    I'm having a problem with them right now. I have been paying them for over a year and my loan is still not rehabed.They took money out of my account without my authorization, then they tell me they still can find a lender, now to top it all off they say i have to start all over aggin in my payments. May Almighty God forgive me for what i am about to say BUT ### D.C.S. THEY SO FULL OF ### IT COMES OUT OF THERE SKIN PORES.I AM GOING TO FIND A WAY TO MAKE YALL PAY FOR ALL THE ### YALL PUT ME THRU I MEAN THAT ###. I GOT YALL IT ANT NOTHIN.

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  • Ni
    Niki Stew Jul 15, 2009

    And once again there is another complaint against DCS. I began making payment with them in Feb. 2008 and was to only make 9 payments it is now July 2009 and i am still making payment with them. They say that because they cant find a lender for my loan i will have to continue to make payment thru them, and get this it still shows negative on my credit. i had notice that every month my balance continues to increase, so i called, they charge a $130.00 per month in interest... my monthly payment is only $115.00. How is that fair?

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  • Li
    lilmissdebtcollector Jul 28, 2009

    I 100% agree with suzydebtcollector. Just goes to show how mature all of you individuals are. You say the bill collectors are the ones out of line..but take a step back. First read all the comments from the debtors, then read the one from suzy. It's embarrassing for all of you really. Calling someone you've never met a "dirty whore" and a "###" just goes to show how far that college education got you. It's hard not to laugh. Here's an idea! If you're struggling to keep a roof over your head and food in your kids mouths then STOP RE-PRODUCING! I'm sure our hard earned tax dollars are going to put that "food" into their mouths anyways. Keep living off of the government. Section 8 housing, food stamps, and whatever else you can't manage to get your hands on for free. I too am a single mom and have no issues supporting me and my stop your ###. It's pathetic.

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  • Wh
    WhySoHostle Jul 29, 2009

    I can't believe you can sit around a judge any one person. You don't know what life can throw you at any moment. I am sure that when the majority of us got into debt we had in our mind that one day we would make enough money to pay it back and that our lives would be different from others and we would not have issues. I started off like this-straight A student-scholarships to college. The typical perfect way to do things. Little did I know that life would throw me a curve ball. When I got my education I in return was making payments as scheduled. I wanted to start a family-live the American dream. I got pregnant and after having my beautiful daugther found out that she was born with a problem that could kill her if I did not spend every last penny I had to fight for her life. I was put in a financial bind and my husband had to live over 4 hours away to keep sending in money to make all our payments. I had no options but to seek help. I was at witts end. How could a well educated person that always makes ends meet be in this situaion. But let me tell you proud people it can happen. I spoke to an attorney and the only way for me to continue and keep my head above water was to file chapter 13. The most embarrassing and self striping act I have ever thought about. When I finished paying off 80 percent of all my debts. This company DCS calls to inform me that I have an outstanding private student loan. I knew about this loan and tried every attempt to repay this debt during my bankruptcy but they put my account on hold. They would not let me. Now this company wants it all back in full immediately now that I am out of bankruptcy. I explained that I know I owe the debt and I would like to make a reasonable payment plan but they refuse and make threats. I am not sure how to handle this either. I do know that I am an educated person and it is very alarming having this company call and announce who they are at mine and my husbands job. So you people that can down the American people and say we are all out to get something for nothing must have never been in a situation where you have to make a decision between your childs life and your immediate debt. What decision would you make? I have never asked anyone for any help other than an attorney and I have fairly paid back all of my debts other than this one that I am trying to work out with this company as well. I hope that you people that can sit and lecture never have to face this decision. I would hate for your credit to be screwed over your own childs life.

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  • Gl
    *GL32* Aug 05, 2009

    I have to say that I recently received a call from DCS saying that I owed on a student loan. I thought that it was a scam. I decided to give them little information, till I had more information on them. I saw several posts about DCS. I did get a hold of the Dept of Education and they verified that the collect was sent to DCS for collection. If you are not sure call the company or whomever you owe and find out if the collection agency is legit. In my case it is. They will tell you whom they work for. Sorry to hear that you were mistreated by the agents. Good luck to you all.

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  • Sl
    sleazy dcs Aug 10, 2009

    I talked to these people..mistake. Don't give any info. Tell 'em to put it in writing. They said they needed references..i gave them 1 like a ###. They proceeded to harass my relative. Don't give out any information..esp. bank info..just my thoughts..don't talk to them..put in writing..

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  • Ni
    Nio Aug 13, 2009

    DSC is a third-party debt collector who doesn't have a contract with any of the people they collect or make an attempt to collect from people please do your homework they operate fraudulantly and as a consumer you should know your rights under the Fair Ddebt Credit Act and make them validate the debt. They have no contract also people look up the Uniform Commercial Code

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  • Ni
    Nio Aug 13, 2009

    Lilmissdebtcollector you really don't understand that the goverment lives off us they monetize the promissary note that we signed all mortgages, car loans, ect are funded by the person who signed go read modern money mechanics the goverment is bankrupt thats why we have HJR 192 Jnue 5, 1933.

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  • Co
    Compl DCS Aug 13, 2009

    ### you too lilmissdebtcollector you dirty cumdumpster. I hope you get hit by a bus.

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  • Re
    Reneeellison Aug 14, 2009

    I have been working with DCS repaying my student loan now for a couple of months now and I havent had any problems with them they have been very nice to me and even helped me with all the paperwork i needed to get back in school.

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  • Pe
    pear Aug 22, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree. DCS called out of the blue one day about a tax bill they said we owed from 10 years ago. They said we had 2 days to make a payment plan before they would garnish our wages and seize our bank accounts. We went straight to the state department of taxation that the bill was from and they put a hold on our account and gave us some time to work things out. The state told us to ignore DCS and work directly with them. DCS still called and threated our bank accounts, saying that the state had given them permission to do so when in reality the state had not. How can they just flat out lie and get away with it! It has all been very disturbing.

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  • An
    Anonymous69 Sep 08, 2009

    WTF? suzydebtcollector? hahahaha. These MF'ing loan factories that squeeze the life out of us with criminally high interest rates and fees think we owe them something?

    When they make mistakes and run their businesses into the ground, they cry to the government for "bailouts". Then, "we, the people" pay to bail them out so that they can stay in business to collect more money from us. Who is the "deadbeat" here?

    You are just naive and believe that you are working for a legitimate company doing your job to the best of your ability. These companies are owned by criminals and you are doing their bidding. You are an accomplice to their crimes and should be held accountable. If the common employee of these companies were prosecuted along with the owners, people would not be so quick to go to work for these collection services.

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  • As
    asiliveandbraethe Sep 09, 2009

    The state of Louisiana hires this scam company to run their Tax Amnesty Program. They are supposed to collect for overdue taxes for the past 7 years but they are sending out fake letters for overdue taxes from 10 years ago. On the year they claimed we owed, we actually got money back from the state. I wish Governor Jindal researched this company first. I wonder if someone from the state is getting a cut of this scam.

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  • Bl
    blown~away Dec 07, 2009

    I have been having problems with Teresa Dooley too. I have a student loan that I have been taking care of for 2 or 3 years. It has never been late until now. I was two payments behind, because I was in the process of have the loan deffered. There was a missunderstanding and I got behind. Not because I just didn't want to pay it. She wouldn't even give my mom or me a chance to talk. Everytime we started to she cut us off. She was VERY rude and unprofessional. I told her I was trying to put my 9 mth old baby to sleep and she say's "That'll have to wait". I don't care what the issuse is he is most important and will always come first. I will not stand for that! I do realize she was just doing her job, but I too have worked in collections and there is a more perfessional manner to go about things. She was also very rude to my mother, who was doing nothing more than trying to cooperate and get it taking care of. I had given her (mom) the information to make to payment for me, and I told this lady that, and she continued to say that this was illegal! Well FYI if your name is on someone's account you are well within the law to use that account. It was an obsured conversation and ridiculous way of handling bussiness. I have never in my life been so outraged at someone trying to do their job. Most of the time I am very understanding and do whatever it takes to resolve the problem, but in this case I couldn't even speak with this women anymore, and just for the record I did pay it, all of it plus the following months payment. Some ppl just get behind because of an honest mistake. So as for you "debt collectors" on here posting things, talking about single mothers, what if that single mother was raped, got pregnant, did the right thing by having the baby and loving the child and did the BEST possible to make ends meet even if that mean having a part time job. You don't know the situation so you have NO right to comment negatively on it or at all for that matter! Do your job in a classy manner and be respectfull and maybe you wouldn't have such a bad name! I do know that some ppl are just hateful and cuss you out and so on and so forth while you trying to do your job, but none the less the customer is always right no matter the situation. You can kill a person with kindness more so than rudeness!

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  • Ju
    Jude C McDonald Jan 03, 2010

    I too have been hounded by "Diviersified Collection Services" from Livermore CA, regarding a
    "student loan" that I supposedly signed for ONE class...$1000.00 that originated from Becker College in Worcester MA, that went to American Student Assistance. That was in September of 05', I never went for a student loan nor did I sign anything. Wasn't sure I wanted to get a degree in BS. (hahahaha, no pun intended)! Now DCS says I owe $2, 676.25, with all the interest and collection fees. I have called them to try and make arrangements...but..alas...they didn't like the plan I came up with. They wanted me to BORROW from friends, neighbors, family. And to make matters worse everytime I wrote them, or called them (trust me don't do) I was dealing with someone different..I am but a little peon trying to take care of myself...and I would never ever ask to borrow money from anyone, especially that I really don't even owe. I have since contacted the Attorney General's office in Boston Ma, and since I live in Hamden county, MA...they have referred me to the Office of Mayor in Springfield, MA. I sent them every document I had...including phone calls. Now all of sudden I get these "wage garnishment" papers sent through the mail, not even certified or registered...they don't look real, and if I want to fight it, I have to pay and find a way to get to Richmond VA. by February 3rd!!! Has anyone really had them do "wage garnishment" on them. I will be contacting my original college to get a signed document with my signature stated that I asked for a student loan...I would love to sue DCS for harrasment...anyone feeling like a classified law suit?????

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  • Io
    Iowenothing Jan 21, 2010

    I was called at my office the other day by DCS. They claim I owe $ for state taxes associated with my ex-husband. I unequivocally do not. So to all you debt collectors who have posted those of us being mistreated by DCS because we haven't paid our debt, think again. There may not really be a debt in existence.

    DCS will not give me proof of the debt or even a basis therefor. This same issue arose in 2002 when dcs contacted a neighbor to tell me to call them. When I did they made the claim that I owed the debt. Same lack of documentation. I called the state taxing authority and it had no such record that I owed any taxes. Now, this issue comes up again. Dcs claims it is my burden to prove to them I do not owe. That is ridiculous. I don't even know what tax years the alleged debt stemms from.

    I played the game and proved I didn't owe. Do you know how massively cumbersome, difficult and time consuming it is to deal with state tax authorities? I should not have to go through this again when I have already proved it once. This time I got the same spiel as other posters on here have -- that my account was going to be reviewed and I could be subject to garnishment or liens I told them I did not owe anything and that if they put a lien on
    my property it is slander of title. They insisted they are acting within the law but they wod not give me a contact at the taxing authority. The call ended by the canned disclosure that the communication was for the purpose of collecting a debt --at the end of the call? The damage could have been done by then.

    Something has got to be done about this outfit. It is not appropriate for a civilized society.

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  • Dv
    dvs sucks Jan 22, 2010

    i am glad that people like me can air out our complaints about Diversified collection!!! the agent named RITA is one of the most rude person i have met in my entire life (almost all of them are but Rita is the "B" from hell).
    I have borrowed a friend's card to settle my supposed debt from Tmobile (courstey of another ungrateful person). I specifically told "Rita from hell" that payment is just one time and the rest of the 2 payments i will call using my card. @nd payment came and i called only Rita from hell already gets it through from my friend's card (meaning they have kept that card number when they are not suppose to for security reasons). Apparently, my friend had an overdraft because of that. I called DCS saying i have been settling this proble(spare them from harrassment calls which they normally do to others, the only thing DCS have to do in my case is to be professional)..this is the part of the conversation Rita from hell hang up the phione on me..i called several times only to be given the run around...
    I am planning to post blogs about what kind of people DCS have hired to ruin their reputation(whatever it is left) and for Tmobile (which i definitely agree to have the best customer service in the world) to go for another collection agency.


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  • Dv
    dvs sucks Jan 22, 2010

    THESE ARE PEOPLE FROM HELL!! ESPECIALLY WITH QUEEN RITA (sounds like an old witch by the way) ON BOARD!

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  • Dv
    dvs sucks Jan 22, 2010



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  • Cr
    CreolePrincess Feb 16, 2010

    I am also having the same issue. I am actually paying on my debt but they wont respond to my calls, emails or faxes. Just like they have their proper process, as consumers we still have ours as well. I will continue to pay the monthly payment, and I accpet that they have taken almot 10, 000K already. Yes it was my debt. Unfortuntely the bulk of the money they have collect has been applied toward penalties and fees so my principal balance is still pretty close to what it was.

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