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I am battling the corporate giant and getting nowhere...

In October 2006 the Disney Movie Rewards program began and the ONLY reason I decided to participate was a reward advertised for the past 20 months as a "Tour of the Walt Disney Studios." This reward has always been advertised as "Coming Soon" and was to require 2200 points for redemption.

Now they have completely changed the reward to be something that requires 15, 000 or 20, 000 points, instead of the long-advertised 2200 points. Of course they have a disclaimer in their Terms and Conditions which states: "The Program begins at 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time ("ET") on October 3, 2006 and is scheduled to end at 11:59 p.m. ET on February 28, 2010 (the "Redemption Period"), but Sponsor reserves the right to shorten, extend, modify, or cancel the Program, at its discretion, at any time."

Several inquiries I have made over the past year or so were always answered by them responding that the original 2200 point reward was "not yet available".

Their customer service people never have any answers for these questions other than to respond that they can't help me any further.

Is there any hope that you can get them to respond with a solution that is more fair to me and all of the other people who have probably run into this same issue?

Thank you for your time.

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  • S
      Aug 03, 2008

    I too have had issues with the disney rewards program. I now have 12675 points. for those of you who don't know yet some of the rewards that they offer they do not have anymore. for example the the samsung tv. they offer it like alot of their rewards but when you try to redeem your points it gives you the impression that your about to get the reward then rejects it saying that they are out of the product. Well it has been like that for quite some time now. when I called the customer service i was told that the system was slow and that they would fix it to show that they are sold out. well a month went by and it was still being offered. when I called back to let them know that i also have done marketing and that they are only luring people in to purchase their product by offering these rewards. this is unacceptable. you should not offer prizes that you don't have. they are just increasing their sales at our expense. if anyone out their is going to start a class action suit let me in on it. This is not right. when you have all these families buying your product to collect a reward you had better give them that reward or pull it from the site so that people starting don't get taken advantage of. People and their kids are being lied to. This needs to STOP! [protected] I think disney should refund us for the movies we purchased because lets face it we know the stores won't take back dvds once they are opened. Its no diffrent than false advertising folks.

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  • L
      Oct 05, 2008

    My problem is this, I joined the program for my four girls who love watching Disney movies. Now that I have gone back to the site to login it won't let me! I keep putting in my correct password yet it keeps coming back invalid!!! It's not. Now all the points I have collected are lost because I can't get in through!!

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  • J
      Oct 27, 2008

    I can't figure out it is even possible to get so many points. I have been part of it since it started and regularly buy their DVDs and see their movies. I have 1, 300 points. Are their some product that people are buying that can earn more than 100 points. I do see that blu ray dvds are 125. But is anything more? I had bought tons of disney movies before they started the program so I don't buy movies I already have and can't get credit for them. I don't get it.

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  • J
      Nov 29, 2008

    Jim, so far the only way you can get more than 125 for a single code is when they try to boost sales on cirtain film with Bonus points that stay that way for bout a month. hmmm as a matter of fact it says on the site you can get 250 points for Hanna Montana season 1 right now I think that includes 100 bonus points... Seems they give more for TV season dvds cause and more likely to add bonuses on them to boost their sales.

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  • E
      Dec 04, 2008

    I don't really see what everyone is complaining about. It's a FREE program. Sure, it sucks that you save up for something and then suddenly the rules change or whatever.. but it's FREE. If you don't like the program's policies, don't use it. No one is making you. As someone who has called in to the customer service, from what I understand is the web site is not updated on site. So, for example, with the TV, while it may be out of stock on their end, it takes a while for the web site to update. Or something. Regardless, no one is making you buy Disney products or collect codes. Complaining about it isn't going to make your TV/vacation appear. It's simply not available. Move on.

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  • U
      Jun 12, 2011

    that's a piss poor excuse "I don't really see what everyone is complaining about. It's a FREE program. Sure, it sucks that you save up for something and then suddenly the rules change or whatever.. but it's FREE. If you don't like the program's policies, don't use it. No one is making you." Are you frickin kidding me????!!! One of the biggest companies in the WORLD!, and you can't update a website instantly?? Come on, take off your blinders. ALL of disney is a scam. Why are they one of the richest comps. yet are sponsored by other corporations in "their" park??!! How can you say you have a program for you customers and then take it away from them. Yes nobody makes you play a game, but if this great wholesome, fine product of a USA company says that they have an incentive program after you just netted them a nice profit for a dvd that cost less than $1 to make, then you should get a little something in return. Can i say i didn't like the park after i spent all day there and get my $$ back?? Why not???

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!! Now for the real reason i'm here. I bought this dam Hanna Montana shimmer art crap thing for my 4yo, , , , , 4 out of the 7 markers are dried up!!! This is pure bs and unacceptable! I spit on mickey! and this is coming from a stock holder!

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  • C
      Oct 21, 2014

    This website does not specifically say anywhere at all that a Disney movies purchased through Amazon Instant Video ( Or Digital Copy) isn't allowed to receive a Magic Code for DisneyMovieRewards, which is very sad because I have 2 Disney movies that say on here that they are eligible titles (Treasure Plant DVD & Lilo & Stitch DVD), however even though I have the receipts for these movies and clearly have them...they are not acceptable because they are simply on my kindle? Didn't think that was going to be an issue, I will let other people know about this because I know plenty of people who purchase movies on their tablets, yet I guess they wouldn't be "eligible" for the movie code that comes with their "eligible" movie title?

    *Note to the website: Clarify that Digital not receive magic codes...had to find this out by a representative on the phone as I was struggling through this website to look for the answer to my Q. It's very misleading when the title is eligible, and people like me clearly have the movie, yet can't receive rewards simply because it's not a hard-copy.

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  • J
      Jun 01, 2017

    Unfortunately I cannot give any hope that they will give you anything. But I can let others know of another way they are able to disappoint. I just cancelled my account du to their terms and conditions. This was their response to my enquiring about my missing 2200 points. "As documented in the Terms and Conditions that govern the Disney Movie Rewards Loyalty Program, Section F. 5.; Any Points remaining in an Enrollee's Account which has remained inactive for a period of two hundred and ten (210) consecutive days or more will be forfeited without compensation." They were not willing to bend or compensate in any way.

    At least they were helpful in letting me know how I could cancel my account and ensure I received no more emails from them. Their new terms and conditions have rendered this program a joke. Best heard when you call in, they do little to nothing for you, and then wish you a "magical day" Best part of the whole process.

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  • S
      Jun 15, 2018

    My daughter and I saved points from 2006 and last year we lighed in and over night BAM ALL REWARDS GONE. So we decided to start all over when we saw that if you signed up for disney movie club you instantly got 1, 500 points. Well its been 6 months and they telln us we used "the wrong link, you're not to use the link that is sent to you via email"... excuse me?!?! They sent me a promotional email advertising that joining disney movie club would get you 1, 500 points if you click below and youre not suppose to click below?!?! So then we buy 12 movies put all the codes in and i check it 3 weeks ago and my points went from 1, 200 to 200 because it says i bought a book... said book is 1, 000 points PLUS 49.99 PLUS 7.99 shipping. I never bought a damn book so once again theyve scammed me out of all our points and weve received NOTHING. we bought movies on bluray and dvd brand new specifically to get points and they screw you over... my best advice is to never purchase from disney again and if you have to purchase it second hand or hell go steal it so you can make up for all the money they steal from you haha Seriously though, Disney is the most unethical company in existence right now, Walt would be so ashamed if he could see whats become of his business.

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  • R
      Jul 30, 2018

    This company sucks! Don’t bother! I have been saving my points and buying Disney movies since 2010 and racked up 14700 points. Never had any issues until recently when they decided to remove my points bc I hadn’t been on the website in 6 months. So what!! Give me back my points! I spent all kinds of $$ to get those points and you take them away?! I was really looking forward to using them down the road. They said they were unable to restore them. Like they were real $$ or something. They said they’ve changed their terms and conditions last year which is why they no longer hold the points for very long. What idiots idea was that?! Shady AF. Stay away from them. They lure you in, then once you are a member they pull the rug right out of under you. Very upset with their sorry not sorry attitude toward their paying customers. To that fool above saying it’s free? You’re an idiot! It’s not free...I bought a lot of DVD’s/Blu-Rays to earn these points. Movies I wouldn’t normally buy.

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  • A
      Oct 08, 2018

    Make sure you don't have more than one account per household. I have one and my mom had one, but my mom died unexpectedly in January so my dad took over her account. But they think I was maintaining both accounts which I wasn't so they either gave me 2 options, merge the account and loose the 25, 501 points I had saved up for the last year or so or both accounts would be frozen and inaccessible. I would lose all the points because I buy 2 copies of movies and I would enter a code on my account and she would enter a code on her account and since they were gonna merge the accounts I would loose all the points because of the duplicates. So I am being punished because she died and had a Disney Movie Rewards account and because they think I maintained both accounts. So watch out cause they might do it to you as well.

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  • B
      Dec 21, 2018

    lmao you all sound dumb

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