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Discmakers is a CD replication company for independent music producers-- in my case, a college a cappella group. We have a huge fall concert at which we wanted to have the CDs available, and submitted our artwork with time to spare for that to happen. Discmakers "forgot" to email our project manager, who then didn't get me any proofs to review; when I finally did get proofs, their server was apparently down, so she couldn't answer any of my questions about them. At this point they have delayed us enough that there is no chance of having the CD in time. The best part? Discmakers is entirely unapologetic-- they make you sign a quote that relieves them of any actual responsibility to make their turn times happen (in very fine print), and thus feel no remorse whatsoever about delaying release dates. They are entirely unwilling to make the project happen any faster, and flatly refuse to give any kind of monetary recompense for a delay that is unquestionably their error. I am extremely disappointed, and will make sure I recommend to as many people as possible that Discmakers is a terrible replication company and not to be trusted with a project in which one is highly invested.

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  • Co
    connie hart Sep 12, 2008

    FIrst of all, Disc Makers ask you specifically NOT to schedule a release of your cd until AFTER you have recieved your products. This is to insure there is not a problem. If you would have read the information on line or magazine you would have known this. THey are not responsible since they ask specifically not to do what you did.

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  • Un
    Unhappy DiskMaker Customer Oct 27, 2008

    DiscMakers has no problem with adding extra time to a project in which THEY are responsible for an error and THEY certainly don't offer to refund any portion of your charges for a delay caused by THEIR mistake, BUT, if you, the customer are responsible for a delay due to an error in your submission, YOU are required to PAY up to $150.00 for any change/correction. They do not value you as a customer and I for one, will NEVER use then for any future projects. They are terribly slow in returning phone calls and e-mails and are in no rush to complete your project once you have paid them for their services.

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  • Ma
    Martin Nov 05, 2008

    Does Connie Hart work for Discmakers? She seems to know a lot and is on their side. The company i work for also does CD and DVD duplication and replication. I have heard the same thing about discmakers from all of their former clients that we now have. They don't care, all they want is your business and their money. Ask them to put their time in writing next time. Actually, don't use them next time. Right Connie?

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  • Pr
    PrintNPress Feb 22, 2009

    Discmakers is notorious for their attitude of being the biggest and worse disc replication company. We are a printing company and we need disc replication for our clients from time to time. We dealt with discmakers before and it was nothing but headache. Simply put, they don't care. I got the impression that the sales people were put on minimum wages and they knew nothing about the products they were selling.

    We use smaller but more friendly vendors such as New Cyberian now. Not to mention they have much better prices then discmakers.

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  • Dm
    Dmrk Apr 09, 2009

    Diskmakers recently printed our run of 1000 CDs. The full color front and traycard printed MUCH darker than the proofs they sent. I design and print a fair amount of promotional materials and know that printing can go a little dark but this was unacceptable. I had even discussed this with my project "manager", whom I had asked to confirm with the art department to be certain that the image would not print too dark. Either he did not ask, the art department didn't look or they are all complete idiots. I'm not sure which.

    After spending hours on the phone with 3 different people I was offered a reprint and repackage for the low price (including shipping there and back) of $600.

    This "the customer is always wrong" attitude goes along with the frat-like way they stand up for their employees.

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  • Mi
    MIRANDA IN THE GARDEN Jun 28, 2009


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  • Mo
    Moruza Jul 15, 2009

    Blast! I wish I had found this page BEFORE I manufactured my album through DiscMakers. The contrast in my artwork came out too dark as well, ruining the image on the cover of our digipak. NO mention was made of this possibility in the proof email. I recieved the cds on Monday and immediately emailed my project manager, who (it is Wednesday) has not emailed nor phoned me back. Left a phone message this morning which has not been returned either (it's 1pm now).

    Has anyone reported them to the Better Business Bureau or considered taking them to small-claims court? If so, what's the outcome?

    Leslie Moruza Dripps
    new music at www.myspace.com/moruzamusic

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  • Di
    DiscmakersSucks Sep 13, 2009

    I hate myself for finding this page too late. Discmakes was my nightmare for my recent CD release. I ordered 1000 Cd in digipak from them. Guess what, I got my order by after 40 days, not to mention the quality of its product is worse then lousy. DON'T buy from discmakers unless you enjoy the emotional exchange with them.

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  • Mo
    Moruza Nov 13, 2009

    Update: After about a week of emails and phone calls, my project manager emailed me back.

    She had spoken with the art director and together they decided that "the files received were already dark and had loss of contrast. Although we see a slight change of color its stil acceptable based on industry standards. I am sorry that you are not happy with the final results. We consider this change of color very minimum which is why this passed our quality control check. One of the options you have is to resend new files in a reorder or maybe do some color corrections to the cover. Once you are ready to place a reorder you can discuss this in more detail with your Product Specialist. " [grammar and spelling courtesy of Discmakers] (my professional graphic designer disagrees with the color prognosis, as does every person I ask...)

    Awesome! You mean I can give you another grand for a damaged product and terrible customer service? Sign me up. And then I'm going to stick something sharp in my eye!

    If I didn't have a baby and two jobs, I'd take them to small claims court.

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  • Sa
    sadiesmusic Nov 13, 2009

    Bad service the art work was way too dark and they didn't seem to care at all. The proofs looked GREAT but wow I can't even use the CD. I have ordered from Disc Makers in the past but w/ my new experience w/ them I will never use them again.

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  • Co
    coffeemate Dec 19, 2009

    I have a pile of problems with Disc Makers. I've ordered CDs from them as an international shipment, and I called them to confirm my order.
    While calling, 3 different people turned to answer me (it means I had to explain my order 3 times) and finally, I was asked to send my address, a copy of my ID and creditcard.
    After sending the information to them, I got an unexpected E-mail. It said, "What items are you ordering and how many ?" ...oh god! I already told them 3 times!!
    Then, after exchanging some E-mails, I called them again and was finally able to confirm my purchase order, after being turned to 3 diffrent people again. I was told that I would receive the tracking number after 3~4 days.
    So...I was waiting, but even the receipt wasn't sent to me.
    After 1 week, I asked them how things was going via E-mail.
    Can you imagine what they said?
    " I’m not seeing an order in here. Can you tell me who took your order?"
    No way!!!...I checked my credit card and found it had already been charged.
    I told them about that and asked them to check through their orders.
    And...1 week after my complaint, they seemed to have finally found my order information. I mentioned that I was really in a rush because my sponser would pick up my CD soon.
    They answerd me with an E-mail saying that they could have my order ready by then.
    However, it didn't come!! I asked them again and was said, "You had the order setup for pick up from our offices. "
    What an idiot! Then, why would I have applied for an international order!? Did they forget our conversation?
    Unbelievably, they said that they needed my address because it didn't show on my information, although I wrote them more than 10 times!
    And...finally, I got an E-mail saying the tracking number.
    Is that the end? No...
    Since I wasn't home at the time of delivery, I got a notice from UPS.
    It said about a $143.19 charge as a brokerage C.O.D. due.
    What's that?
    Disc Makers accounted for that this international shipment would cost $55 via E-mai and phone.
    I called them again, and was told, "That's what the government charged. I have nothing to do with that." So I asked, "Then why didn't you make it clear on the website? If I had known about the cost, I would have ordered from another company." He answered, "I DON'T KNOW."
    ..."I DON'T KNOW"!!!
    Yeah, that's everything.
    They don't share an information each other, they don't say sorry at all, they don't know anything.
    Actually, I still haven't received my order yet because I'm still wondering about this fee.
    Anyway, Disc Makers is just a terrible company. I want to warn all artists not to use them.

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  • Na
    nationwide May 15, 2010

    Go to hell Discmakers!!! They screwed up my CD release big time. They promised me 10 day turn around but ended up it was 23 days. I missed my release and worse of all the color was totally off. Not to mention the shrink wrap is the ugliest one can ever seen. Talking to them was totally waste of my time. They didn't reason because they didn't listen.

    Avoid discmakers totally.

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  • Pr
    promoguru May 22, 2010

    I'm about to loose my job due to a cd project with them. I wih I would have read all these before I worked with them.

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  • Gr
    Grannys Boy Jul 06, 2010

    Wow, Isn't it just my luck that I have been spending days on end (quite literally without sleep) researching the RIGHT manufacturer for my short run since I am self-publishing and self-releasing and have no budget. Now That I found THIS page I now know that DISCMAKERS was not that manufacturer I was seeking. Someone said something about a smaller vendor... being more friendly... hey! That Sounds like what I need for my DIY project's short run. It's like, why the heck would I want to go to Travelodge with some smelly rude iranian guy who wants me to get the heck out immediately at checkout time, when I could go to a nice little B&B ran my a little ole lady who reminds me of my grams and makes me bacon and eggs for breakfast and makes sure I clear my plate immaculate before I'm allowed to go out and play. Well, since I have all the time in the world because I'm only 22 and I don't have anything better to do with my time and would most likely choose to do this even if I DID, I will just have to continue on searching. THANKS FOLKS! And remember, when people piss you off, you just got to cuss em out! Sometimes that's the only way they'll learn. :) Have a lovely day! -Granny's boy.

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  • Ff
    ffbusiness Aug 18, 2010

    My biggest regret is not having found this post sooner. I am trying to have a project finished up with them and I have been extremely quick with my turn around on getting them the payment, sending a master, reviewing the proof, etc and they are the exact opposite. When I have questioned them their main excuss is that they are on East Coast time and we are Pacific; I sent them proofs at 11:00 am on a Tuesday and they said that Wednesday would be the "first day". The most ironic part is that they said 2-3 day turn around before I would see the final version (which need zero changes) and I did not get them until 4:45 pm (Pacific Standard Time) on Friday afternoon. They must close early on Tuesdays and stay open late on Fridays. Additionally, I paid extra to have the CDs printed in seven days, currently I am on day nine and they are not complete. I run a small business and we were hoping to develop a good relationship with a reputiable disc replication business, but I guess we'll have to keep looking because I have been thoroughly unimpressed with Discmakers.com.

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  • No
    NoMoreDiscMakers Oct 06, 2010

    I've tried both Disc Makers and Disc Outlet.

    With Disc Makers my project was printed to dark and it was late. I had no CDs for my release party... it took more 27 days to get my project!

    With Disc Outlet I was late in giving them my master (my fault) and they were still able to make it happen on time. Disc Outlet is a smaller company but they are really easy to deal with and they do all that they can for you.

    I will never work with Disc Makers again... They were a big big mistake... I recommend Disc Outlet or any other other company who gives a - you - know - what about their customers and not just their money.

    Do the research!

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  • No
    nolovefordiscmakers Nov 10, 2010

    HORRIBLE experience. First, they put somebody else's CD in our cases, randomly. Second, we opened up one and there were fingerprints all over the bottom of the CD. Next, we had a radio station ready to play our single, and when they opened up the case and hit play, it started skipping - fresh out of the package. Next, they said they'd fix it in time for our CD release party, however they came to pick them up on the wrong day they said they would, and now we are at risk of having a release show w/ 300+ tickets sold, and we have no CDs. This company is an abomination - do NOT buy from them. I wonder how many radio stations and management companies opened our CD to find that either it wasn't our music, the cd was skipping, or there were thumbprints all over them. Also, what other artists wound up with OUR music?

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  • Mi
    MidsummerNightFilm.com Feb 02, 2011

    I'm sorry that I read all these bad experiences with DiscMakers. I got insanely worried about my DVD-9 project--especially the print quality--and I needn't have. My (1000) Amaray cases, on-disc silkscreening, (100) posters on lightweight text stock, and (1000) DVD-9 replicated with glass master were all excellent quality. Each item was safely packaged and delivered on time exactly as promised.
    Having had the same poster art printed by PSPrint.com, I can say that there were slight saturation and brightness differences between them, but it was minor, barely perceptible. My Project Manager was Rich Furtner and my Production Manager was Arthur Stoppe. For me, the weakest thing about DiscMakers was the lack of pre-production technical support with my DVD master, given how technical and tricky it is to achieve the highest video-audio quality with the lowest compression. Craig Hanna was not very helpful via email, but when I managed with difficulty to track down his direct phone number, he was different--very helpful with my highly technical questions.
    My present complaint is with complaintsboard.com which invites uploading photos, but when I tried, my photo froze en route, and I lost my text.

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  • Ke
    Keyzz88 Jan 11, 2012

    I have just taken delivery on my 8th CD from Discmakers, and it, like all the others, was done perfectly and on time. Yes, they have changed hands and gotten bigger, but I have seen no decline in their service. I don't doubt that some people have had bad experiences with them, but I just wanted to say that over several CDs and over several years (beginning in 1995) I have had no problems with Discmakers. And I don't work for them or receive any incentives from them.

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  • La
    Landesberg Jan 16, 2012

    I'm not here to slam Disc Makers - but, rather to let readers know that I offer an alternative. . . Dering Direct (www.deringdirect.com) is located in Lancaster, PA. We run a smaller “boutique” shop, where customers are not small fish in a big pond, yet we are capable of handling large orders and complex Fulfillment requirements. Of course; prices depend on your specific requirements, i.e.: quantities and print and packaging options. Turn times are reasopnable & prices are fair. drop me an email with your specifics & I'll send you a quote. [email protected] ~ Good luck with your project. ~ Geoffrey

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  • Da
    David Holmes Jan 27, 2012

    To be fair, people at discmakers didn't intend to screw up anything. I believe they are also decent and hardworking people. The problem with discmakers is that they are not built to handle small jobs at 1000 copies or below. Remember disc makers is a big company. Big company has a big company style in handling business. The normal employee mentality is to avoid responsibility. Big company also has bigger red tapes. If a smaller company can finish a job in five days, a big company will need few more days to just pass around the paper work. I have learned this lesson with my two cd replication jobs; one to discmakers and one to a smaller company. The differences were
    1 discmakers was rigid, small company is flexible
    2. discmakers was arrogant, small company is humble
    3. discmakers was strong on PR, small company weak on PR but good on words of months
    4. discmakers' product quality was ok, small company's product quality was even better
    5. discmakers gouged on shipping, small company didn't

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  • Lu
    luceroblanco Jun 12, 2012

    I wish I would have read these before going with Disc Masters. They did a fine job on the artwork but the CD itself is the problem. I'm hoping that they will fix it but I don't have much hope. Money down the drain. I will check out deringdirect.com if I have to go back to square one on this project.

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  • Ja
    Jadams828 Mar 20, 2013

    Here's my Discmakers experience. Overall, they helped us out of a tight spot and had pretty fantastic customer service:

    My band had planned to use a small company to print our CDs, until we found out that the small company wanted to charge us nearly $1000 in rush fees for an order time frame that had worked fine in the past. That was mostly our fault for not checking, but they were really, really rude about it.

    We searched for other options, and Discmakers went out of their way to make the time frame work for us at an affordable price. I read the reviews on this board and got freaked out - especially because they're in New Jersey and we're in LA - but we had no choice. Just to be safe, we told them that we needed the order a day earlier than we actually did. Our communication was VERY clear, and we took meticulous caution to make sure they got exactly the files they needed.

    We called them nearly every day to check on the order. They were always available by phone and could tell us the order status exactly. On the day before the CDs were set to arrive, they called us to explain that the shrinkwrapping machine had malfunctioned, so they couldn't ship it as planned. "Oh no, " I thought to myself, "here's a new Discmakers horror story for the complaints board."

    To my surprise, they explained that they had hired a courier at their own expense so it would still arrive on time. Alas, the courier company dropped the ball and we only got the package the morning of our event - and the day after Discmakers had promised it would be there. We let them know, and they were profoundly apologetic, offering us a big discount on our order and 10% off of our next purchase. The CDs looked great and functioned perfectly.

    The moral of the story? Discmakers didn't get it exactly right, but they did pretty damn well under adverse circumstances. The small disc making company I referred to also routinely gets us products late and screws up orders. I'll use Discmakers again, but I'll be sure to handle them like the imperfect company they are - as I would recommend anyone do with any company.

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  • Bo
    BoneSmart Pilates May 13, 2014

    I ordered 500 DVD's replicated and sell them on Amazon. They are exercise DVD's. I've had 5 returned by customers in the last 2 weeks as they don't work in the customer's DVD player though other dvd's they own work fine. Discmakers asked me to send back the 3 returned ones I had on hand. I did and they've not been able to find an error. I'm having to provide return prepaid labels to these customers AND refund them the cost of the DVD's and the prop bundles that they purchased to go along with the DVD. I am beyond upset with this company as they are not, to this point yet, offering any recompense or solution.

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  • Bo
    BoneSmart Pilates May 13, 2014

    I should add that this is my second batch of 500 DVD's with them. In the first batch I only had 1 return as defective so I am very worried about this batch. One of the customers even took a picture of the bad disc/error message they were getting on their TV which I sent to Discmakers but still nothing.

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  • Bo
    BoneSmart Pilates Aug 05, 2014

    An update on my experience. Good News! Discmakers admitted that they made an error and erroneously used a damaged DVD to replicate my next batch of 500 DVD's. Though I was shocked that they made that error, I appreciated their transparency and willingness to make things right, which they did, replacing the damaged DVD's and sending me extras. Overall, I would do business with them again.

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  • Ja
    jagedman Oct 28, 2016

    I have a reflex 7 ultra machine duplicator, bought it new and put it in storage until I retire.this was about 2008. Took it out of storage in 2016 ordered new disc and it would not copy the disc which is the special ultra disc is uses'.I am in Florida and I went to New Jersey to the plant but was referred to call California for technical support.I was sent firmware 2 time still didn't work.I was told I may need to buy another duplicator. My understanding is that a different kind of disc was manufactured which will not work in the older machines (reflex 7 ultra). But the reflex 1 that is I purchased 1year before the reflex 7 ultra the disc works great, no problems . Can anyone out there help me that has this problem. I would like to start a home studio.

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  • Bl
    bladesman Dec 25, 2016

    Disc Makers mastering service in my professional opinion is done by non professionals. I had to refuse 5 masters then gave up because they could not understand my needs and our direction as how to fix or approach the project. The first "Master Mix" actually came back to me distorted and very much over-modulated. Who does that?? After 5 attempts and having an original composition striped of its natural overtones we gave up. I will not recommend any "Mastering" done at their facility.

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