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S Dec 10, 2018
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Description: I have called DirecTV several times to have my service repaired so that it works properly. Fact of the matter is I have had 4 service calls in a month's time period the 1st 3 times the service men said they got up and fixed my satellite and/or checked my satellite dish on the roof which was completely false they never got up and checked my dish. The last technician I had out here 2 days ago actually got up checked the dish and found out that the transponder was defective. I called in today to let them know my services were still not working properly that I could not use any of my on demand services and that my screen was still freezing for 15 to 20 seconds 2 or 3 times an hour. When I called in today I was connected with and Angelica employee ID376U which in my opinion was very argumentative and trying to pass the buck off to my Internet company telling me that my Internet wasn't fast enough. I have more than enough Internet through xfinity to watch on demand. I believe that for the price I pay of 200 or more a month for their services I should not have these problems. In my opinion directv does not seem to care about the consumers it's all about getting their next monthly pain. I have not been offered any compensation for all the problems that I've been having I had to ask for them to consider compensating me for all of these issues. On another note I also complained about their timeframe for their technicians of between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. at night right in the middle of dinner time and family time is unacceptable to have a technician roaming around my house and they refused to give me any other reasonable time to get a technician out here.
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