Directv/ATTdirectv refund for ppv purchases

T Jul 05, 2019

Subj: DIRECTV Lost Purchases
Acct# [protected]

I had a DEFECTIVE DIRECTV receiver that I along with DIRECTV Technical Support, the Automated Activation prompts on the phone and online troubleshooting FAQs and I was unable to order PPV/VOD with the remote control as I have done all the time. I received an option to text 223322 to a number, go to or call 800-531-5000. NONE of these options worked! I did more troubleshooting through the next 7 days trying to get the PPV to work without success. I was even told I would receive a text message from the engineering department because the error was NOT the box but a DIRECTV issue but I was not given any foreseeable expectation date, so after 3 days I tried the troubleshooting over and over again until finally I requested a new box.
After receiving the next box I and making attempt after attempt to get it activated I called your office numerous times and was told activation was down and to call back after 8am. I called back after 8am with the same results. I waited another 2 hours and tried again with the same results! Finally around 2:30PM I called again, I started doing this at 6:00am when another DIRECTV representative which assisted me this time PROFESSIONALLY, COURTEIOUSLY and TRUTHFULLY as it was NOT that the ACTIVATION center was down. After I was walked through programming the old remote control to the NEW receiver, I was able to advance the selections on screen which I was unable to do before and I mentioned this to ALL the other representatives about screen will not advance with remote although remote does turn new box on and off. I was then told the remote was ok and it's an activation issue and to call back but it was NOT an activation issue.
After all this I found out today ALL my purchases are now GONE! I was told by DIRECTV that you lose all recordings when the receiver is replaced. I asked how this is allowed!!! I purchased all these recordings and because of a DEFECTIVE receiver that I had NOTHING to do with that had to be replaced now I lose all purchases when I DID NOTHING WRONG!!! I had $422.00 worth of movies which I dutifully paid for that I watch periodically, that's why I PURCHASED them!!!
I want movies restored that purchased! I received an email from DIRECTV today that says they have received my return. The card in that box has my information so hopefully that can be accessed and replace MY movies that I have purchased!! If this is not available I would like a REFUND so I can reorder again! I don't feel I should have to buy these AGAIN due to a DEFECTIVE receiver not caused by me!!! I had NOTHING to do with the defectiveness!!! I have ALL DIRECTV/ATT services, mobile, internet, home phone and DIRECTV and I am EXTREMELY UPSET! I not only lose the purchases, I also lose money as I would have to purchase them again!!!
I would really like my movies but if not a refund will suffice!
I await your decision as I hope I don't need to send this letter to the TEXAS Attorney General's office for further assistance!

Thanks Very Much!

Thurmond Earls
11608 Clear Day Court
Charlotte, NC 28269

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