Direct / unethical behavior and a 62 dollar credit I have still not received since may 2018.

1 United States

We moved from Kentucky to Alabama in May 2018 and had a credit of 62 dollars. I have talked to several individuals that they would work on it. The last employee I talked to was a supervisor first name Sarah and only gave me employee numbers 174 and refused the rest. She also refused to allow me to talk to her manager. This problem arose when she stated that I only wanted to get another 62 dollar credit basically telling me I was a thief. We have had Direct TV for over 20 years have not been in arrears ever and payment was directly from the bank. I have never been talked to so rudely by anyone. She was not interested in helping and just kept telling me that a gift card was sent in 2018 and we were not getting anything else because I should have screened my mail more thoroughly. She eventually hung up on me without giving me the information I requested about her last name ID number and her manager.

William Berryman

Apr 19, 2019

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