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Dipak Singh review: Genpact Cheated me for job 1

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Dear All,
I'm Dipak Singh, I’m a married person & I have twins baby.
I had received a mail from GENPACT for Accounts profile for Kolkata location, so I visited their office situated at Raharhat New Town. wen I visited over their lot of job seekers came their for interview for accounts. after 2 hours waiting a lady (Very Short Hight) collected our CV one by one from conference room and start taking one line interview. Minimum 70 odd people came there for Interview. After finished first round only 12 people left and I too one of them for 2nd round. Than they start 2nd round of interview on same day. They ask all the question related to my work experience, my family back ground, why I left my previous company and why now I want to quit my current company etc etc.
I again passed the 2nd round of Interview, Now left only 7 people and than after HR told us they will inform us for next round of interview.
After few day’s I received a call from GENPACT for next round interview. So I visited as per the scheduled. 3rd round of Interview for technical round. They asked various types of Que related to work & also again the question why I left my previous company etc etc. I have given all the Answer & I through that Interview.
Now 4th round will start. I waited till 5 pm than start 4th round only 3 people left for 4th round including me. Now two lady taking my interview. They asked all type of que again related to my previous profile, company, my back ground about my present company etc etc. after all they satisfied and selected me for telephonic round & this telephonic round is final Round but unfortunately time is too late for me & for HR too. So HR’s told me they will call me for Telephonic round.
After tow day’s I recvd call for telephonic round, as per schedule I again visited Genpact and again I succeeded in my interview. After I selected & gone through all the round they told me to bring my all the job & education related documents and with RESIGNATION LETTER of my current employment. After 3 day’s I provided my all the document to the GENPACT with RESIGNATION LETTER.
The admin dept. take my all the document after checking & updated into their system. They given me a joining date (10Day’s Later) & told me to collect Appointment letter before joining after four five working day.
After that I very Happy for my new job and left my previous company and taking rest in my Home.
But after two day’s GENPACT HR’s called me again to visit. I thought they called me for collecting appointment letter, so I visited the GENPACT office very Happily but what was happen I never thought what would be going to Happen.
They suddenly come to me and said you are not fit for our business right now, we are very sorry for that & regret to inform you about it. After listen this I’m shocked & stunned like a stone.
I started arguing with them why the company GENPACT asked for Resignation letter from my current company & why they given me Joining date before appointment letter. Then they said whether we issued to any appointment letter for job or any other prove do you have that we told you to resign from your current company. On that time I don’t have any answer and I walked away from there with tear in my eyes. GENPACT CEATED ME VERY BADLY.
After that I jobless for one and half month and joined a company in very low salary.

Mohammed Awaiz
, US
Nov 13, 2016 10:19 pm EST

Yes Deepak sir you are right my and my friends also faced the same situation they are cheating the public just for name and fame in the market they are arranging the interviews only to showoff I faced the situation at uppal office in hyderabad and the H.R name is priyanka she is shot in height and her +[protected] she first told that I have been selected and now she is not lifting my call .so, please don't play with the life of people's because all his family will suffer of the respected person cannot get the job at right time or the time which genpact is alloting and not giving the job.I am requesting the union of bpos companies to take action on companis like genpact and others.

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