Dillard'sstaff at booth

N Jul 13, 2019


I experienced tramatic racism from your staff at the Lacome display at the very from of Dillard. Lacome was having an event where u spin a wheel and they match your foundation. I was going to Dillards to go to my favorite Mac store. I decided to stop by Lacome because I wanted to be matched by the Lacome staff. I had just left ulta and a worker at ulta had on Lacome foundation. Unfornately, the ulta on Belle Isle didnt sell Lacome so I went to Dillards. I waited in the Lacome line and no one spoke or gave me the event details. I got tired of waiting so I went to the Mac counter where my mom ans daughter was to purchase a few liners and help my mom pick out a lipstick. After we made our purchases at Mac, my mom, daughter, and I stood in the Lacome line again. We waited for a long time while everyone act too busy to tell us about the event. Finally, a guy came over with an accent. He told us that the event was appointment only. My mom asked him about the wheel and he said oh...yea you can spin it. He spinned the wheel and told her she could gwt a free mascara. At the same time, 3 ladies white ladies with blonde hair walked by and a lacome employee with blonde hair quickly approach them to assist. The lady asked them how she could help them and they said they would like to be matched and the lady took them immediately to a chair to be matched. RACISM AT ITS FINEST!!

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