Digital Stormunethical behavior - bad sales practices - subpar parts

Ch Sep 30, 2019

I placed my order on 8/5/19 using Digital Storm's (DS) online store for a custom built computer workstation for business use.

I was immediately billed $3, 769.00 for a computer that was estimated to have taken over two months to build. In early September, I was contacted by customer service and told they could not complete my build my computer because the components were incompatible. The issue was a Corsair liquid cooler I selected and the AMD processor. DS customer service said it could not be built and tried to sell me their brand name parts. While on the phone with customer service, I located the part # for a special bracket for them, with the understanding it was going to take an additional 10-12 days because the $9.99 bracket needed to be ordered from the manufacturer.

On 9/17/19, I was contacted by the customer service manager, Ron S, who informed me that my system shipped but it was incorrectly built, without the components I paid for. This is after it completed their 7 Stage in house final assembly, final testing, quality assurance, etc.

I informed Ron S, that I wanted the system I paid for and he agreed to get the system returned to DS, by the shipping carrier, to correct the build. I informed Ron S that I wanted the system by 10/1/19, which was more than adequate time to complete and Ron agreed with my terms.

On 9/24/19, Ron S notified me that DS was still waiting for my system to be returned by the carrier and that the part they ordered was a "non-commercially" available part that had to be ordered from the MFG in China and that it still had not arrived.
He indicated that based on the package tracking info, the computer and the $9.99 bracket would not be arriving to them until the week of 9/30/2019 and that they would not be able to meet the deadline of 10/1/19. I told Ron R that I wanted time to think the situation and would get back to him.

Shortly after our conversation and within 10 minutes of research, I located the $9.99 dollar bracket on the Corsair web-store, contacted Corsair technical support who confirmed the bracket was the correct item for my computer and confirmed it was in stock in their California distribution center and could be shipped in 1-2 days.

I contacted Ron S and the info was relayed to him. Ron S then informed me that they "DS" was told by their Corsair corporate rep that it was only available from China and that they DS should try to buy it on eBay.

REALLY?? I paid $3, 769.00 for a Custom-Built computer and Digital Storm is buying components on eBay.

I told Ron S that I needed to think about the entire situation and would get back to him.

After thinking about the treatment, deception and incompetence that I experienced as a result of my order with Digital Storm, I cancelled my order.

I was very upset with Digital Storm's business practice of charging me the full amount for my computer system, that they need to build and would not be shipping for a minimum of 6-8 weeks.

Digital Storm credited my purchase immediately for the full amount and agreed that a "restocking fee/service charge was not going to be charged back to me because the entire issue was their fault. How nice of them. They had $3, 769.00 dollars of mine for almost two months, using it for their working capital.

My question is, how many other components is Digital Storm buying from eBay sellers, which are known to sell, used parts, re-manufactured parts, counterfeit components, stolen goods, etc.

I can personally say, "STAY FAR AWAY FROM DIGITAL STORM!"

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