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The Verfication Call is high pressure. here's the script. look at overcoming objections.


Relationship Status
Married/Cohabbing (matching id’s)


Age Requirement
35-75 Both

40, 000 combined household

(retired couples $30, 000 min)

Drivers license or photo id

Major Credit Card or Checkbook (must have both names listed on checks)

Travel Club

Children over age 10 allowed

Must be US Citizens or Residents

NOTICE: Closed 8/31 and 9/1

Call opening
Hello _________ Please, Hi ________ my name is _____________ from Diamond Prize Center. How are you today?

Reason for call
The reason for my call is within the last couple months you submitted an entry form for a Giveaway either online or at one of about 600 major malls or a ballot type box at a movie theater. Do you remember doing something like that within the last 12 months?

Congratulations _________ you are a finalist in the promotion!

I'm an independent verifier and my job is to validate your entry. We have a few questions we use to make sure your entries are legitimate, and that it wasn’t a 12 year old stuffing the entry box


Qualify the contact

Common Objection Responses

I never filled out anything

#why spouse has to come


Too far to drive
Are you between 35 and 75?

Are you married or single?

Married or Cohabs (with matching id)


The third, If you saw an income listed as 40k on a paper would you have listed over or under? (30k for retired couples)

Do you or any member of your household work for Iwon.com or esweeps.com or any of their affiliates?

Are you a united stated citizen or permanent resident?

Great you are a finalist in the promotion!


Body of script

Common Objection Responses

I never filled out anything

#why spouse has to come


Too far to drive

Common Objection Responses

I never filled out anything

#why spouse has to come


Too far to drive

Grab a Pen. I want to give you your claim number an address, 4 bullet points of information and what I believe are the two catches to this promotion.

For starters the claim number is DPC-ITC ###

Hallmark Travel (Pulaski Tickets and Tours)

2190 Meridian Park Blvd. Suite M

Concord, CA 94520

You have been selected to receive a Dream Vacation Package!! Your vacation includes 2 Round trip airfares and 3day/2night hotel accommodations to your choice of either: New Orleans, Orlando, Las Vegas or Cancun, Mexico. Since the package is worth over $600 dollars, as a contestant, you are responsible for the state sales tax, but you pay that when you book your vacation, not at the claim center

AND IT GETS EVEN BETTER! Not only are you going to recieve the great prize I just told you about, but as our way of thanking you for booking your appointmet with us, you get to choose one of 11 awesome vacations, free! You can choose from great locations like Mexico, tons of US vacation spots like Lasvegas, great cruises or even an all inclusive pradise vacation in Jamacia! All you need to do is call us after you attend your presentation and give us your certificate number!

You’re going to need two forms of ID, Drivers license or state id for the first one. You also need to bring a major credit card.

You need to bring your spouse or significant other with you to sign off on your prize; it’s the same as if you won the lotto or the lottery.

Now because this is a registered contest I need to read the last three sentences word for word.

The whole procedure the other award winners present, the podium presentation, awarding of the prizes, and any preliminaries of checking ids and explaining any taxes takes 90 min. or less.

Like the lotto or the lottery there is nothing to purchase and nothing to join. All claim number holders leave that day with their prize.

And for insurance reasons no children under the age of 10 or guests are allowed in the claim center.

Let me walk you through exactly what will happen when you get there:

You walk in the door, they check your two forms of ID's and they give you a little survey to fill out, basically the same questions you answered on your entry with 2 questions at the end about travel. They are comparing that sheet to the one you originally filled out.

The important thing is consistency. They are looking to see that your information matches what you originally listed on your entry. They know there will be some changes, but they are looking for overall consistency.

While they are verifying your information, someone will explain the promotion and all of the details in more depth. They will also talk about some money saving techniques for travel that most people don't know about, and how they can help you save a lot of money over using Priceline and Travelocity. There is NO obligation to purchase anything. When all is said and done, they will issue you your prize and your all set. The whole process takes 90 min. or less.

Does that make sense?

Set Appointment

Common Objection Responses

I never filled out anything

#why spouse has to come


Too far to drive
From a time element it is

SUNDAY: 10AM… 12PM…. 2PM closed 8/31

MONDAY: 4PM…6PM…7:30PM closed 9/1






What day would work best for you?

Ok so I have you set for confirm date and time and I need the name of your significant other/spouse to add to the guest list and can I get your email address so I can send out a confirmation letter?

Pre Close
Okay what I’m going to do is call you the day you’re going to go, around 12 or 12:30. Just a 10 second phone call to make sure you remember your claim number and address one more time. Just for review.

Just remember: as long as you:

1-bring two forms of ID, with matching addresses

2-have a major credit card

3- arrive on time

4- stay until the end to get your prize

5- bring your significant other

6- don’t bring any children under the age of 10 or guests

You are guaranteed to get your prize.

Send Confirmation letter
Alright, I'll give you a call around 12 the day you’re going. And I’m going to send you a confirmation letter right now, so that your claim number and directions and all the details we talked about are in black and white for you to review.

Close call
Okay, be watching for your letter. If you have any questions give me a call back. And dont forget to call us back with your certificate number to claim your free vacation! The link with all of your vacation choices and details are in your confirmation letter!

Congratulations and I hope you have a great vacation!

Objection Responses


Nobody ever wins.

When I first started, I felt the same way – until I saw the winners posted on EZsweeps and Esweeps.com. (__name__), this is very real. Which day are you going – Tuesday or Wednesday?

I’m all set, thanks.

Are your parents set, are your siblings set? Who of them use the $25, 000 to get out of debt or take a vacation?

What’s the real catch to this? Back to script

The taxes. The people who take the vehicle…it’s a very find line they walk because they have to pay the State taxes and the Federal Income taxes - I think within 12 to 18 months. So if you take the Cadillac Escalade, which two of our States still have, that’s like $14, 000 between 2 checks you’ll have to write. That’s real money – which is the real reason behind “no single guys under 25” because in the past single guys 3 out of 10 times didn’t pay the taxes.

I never filled anything out. BACK TO SCRIPT

Actually we don’t call people unless we have the IP address of the computer on which it was filled out. If you didn’t, then your spouse or children filled it out for you, but there is no doubt that someone filled it out.

This is a scam!

Actually it’s a State registered contest that has given away vehicles for almost 25 years. Have you ever seen a vehicle in a mall with a little blue entry form next to it?

Are you trying to sell me something?

Oh yeah, white snake alligator skins from Malaysia. They’re taking over the Persian Rug industry BIG time.

What difference does it make what my age or marital status is?

Sir, from 1982 to 1992, three of the first 10 years when single guys under 25 years old won, they never paid the taxes. They just left with the car. The reality is these companies that put this on have already paid the taxes. So the companies go shafted on the $14, 000 for the Cadillac Escalade – so that’s how it works. So do that three times. That equals $45, 000! Now they aren’t doing that anymore.

So single women can attend. Single women in the United States of America are accountable. Single guys are not. That may be harsh, but the reality is – that it is reality.

What do these companies know? There is a much better chance of prize winners paying the taxes or buying something if both parties are there. One out of 4 stay behind to hear the numbers and I think half of these people do buy something. I think when you look at the manifest – one out of 8 people on those sheets is a new member – they bought something. One out of 8.

I don’t have the time.

Of course, time is valuable & you won’t ever get it back. Did you realize that if you went and received the worst prize, at a regular 40hr job, that’s equivalent to making $700K a year! Time is money, and that’s the worst you can do. ($500 for 1-1/2 hour = $700K)

I have no one to baby sit.

Would you be able to find a babysitter if you knew absolutely you had won the vehicle or the $25, 000 for sure? Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to take the chance on yourself that you may actually win? Worst case is always the 30” flat-screen TV. That’s the worst you can do.

I can’t afford to take a minute off work.

Wouldn’t that be even more reason to sneak out for 90 minutes. If you win the $25, 000, take a quality vacation, if you win the vacation, take it, if you win the TV, watch a discovery channel special on Hawaii, you can’t lose!

Why does my spouse have to come? BACK TO SCRIPT

If you won the Publisher’s Clearing House or any other State regulated contest worth $50 to 100 grand, would they write you a check without your wife being there? No.

Why do you think that? Probate. What happens in a divorce? That gal could come back later and say, “I never got that car. I never saw that money. Give me my half.” Oh no. They want a signed document that shows Bob and Mary Johnson received that $50, 000. Do you follow that?

I need to check with my spouse / cohabit.

Of course you would, (s)he does need to be there. You know, this is such a fun date night for couples, an hour and a half away from the kids and the bills just to float back to dreaming about a second honeymoon. Do you two deserve that? I believe you do. Let’s set up an appointment.

My spouse won’t go.

That’s only because they don’t have any information. Is it possible I could speak with them for a couple minutes? (Try to build value higher than the cost of them attending – Use Value Building Statement at top of next page) In reality you’d be out the gas and lost 90 minutes of your time – but in reality, you’ve already won between $500 and $25, 000 – now isn’t that more valuable?

My husband is out of town for the next 6 months… End call

They both have to work evenings and all weekend.

I’ll call you back next week.

I don’t want to sit through a presentation.

You know, I too prefer to stand also. Personally I have bad circulation in my legs. They are very accommodating for people’s needs.

He / she asks a question you don’t know the answer to.

That’s a good question, I don’t know. Let me email the center and I’ll find out.

VALUE BUILDING STATEMENT (redirects the conversation)

(__name__), on the chance that this is not a 22 year running State registered scam, wouldn’t it make sense to take a chance that you may have already won something?

Just think about it….either you’re going to take a friend for a ride in your new car, you’re going to invite a friend on a five day cruise with you, or you’re going to have some people over to watch some golf or football on your new flat screen TV?

Is it high pressure?

Just so we’re on the same page…after the public podium presentation, only about one-quarter of the people after they are done talking about all the taxes and how it goes and how the scratch-off ticket works, only 1 out of 4 people stay behind to get more information. They want to know the exact numbers, how do you vacation for 30 cents on the dollar, how come it’s not “a condominium where you own 2 weeks in March” that’s a time share, etc.

I’ve seen a time share before.

What does that have to do with what I’m taking about?

Is this really legitimate?

Just to remind you, this is a 22 year State run registered contest. Have you ever walked into a mall and seen a vehicle in the middle of the mall with a little blue entry form next to it?

(Of course) Well..that’s us..you’ve probably filled out a couple of them in your lifetime, haven’t you?

For this to be a State registered contest, no matter what location I send you to nationwide, the worse case has to be either (A) a $530 gift card like Best Buy, Circuit City –or- (B) a 27 to 30 inch flat screen TV worth at least $500 retail value.

How many people have won this?

I would hope quite a lot. The more people that go, the more smiles that come out of it.

My guess is over the last 25 years there have been tens of thousands of winners.

The claim center is too far away. BACK TO SCRIPT

How far is “too far away”? How far would you go to win a Cadillac Escalade or $50, 000? Just think for a second. Could they have put this on for over two decades and nobody ever win a car? No way.

There is no local claim center.

It looks like that claim center recently closed. What that means is all the prizes were gifted and we don’t have them reestablished yet. What I can do for you is take your name and number and keep that on the side. I’ll give you a call as soon as they open back up. Would you like me to do that for you?

I’m a travel agent.

Awesome. (Build rapport) How neat, you know, I was thinking of joining that career field. You would definitely be interested then. I know when I join a company I want to be in the know about my competition. Incorporate that into my field and make it better! Before you know it, you’ve got a promotion!

I’m just not interested.

You shouldn’t be! If you’re like me you’re thinking this is a scam, it’s probably some high pressure sales pitch, etc., etc.

I’ll tell you what (__name__), if I could make some phone calls and by-pass the whole presentation thing – the whole 90 minute thing – and you could just walk-in and grab your scratch-off ticket, would you drive an hour and go get it?

“Yeah” … Well then…I’ll tell you what. So it’s not that you don’t think you’ve won, it’s that you just don’t want to be sold something.


“Exactly” … Well, you know I can’t do that, but if I can just assure you that you won’t buy anything, would you go?

“How are you going to assure me of that? … Just say ‘No’ (__name__). Just say ‘No’ like you teach your kinds. Just say ‘No’ – go there, sit through the 90 minute presentation, kill an hour and a half – take your spouse to lunch before and after – make a day out of it and just say ‘No’.

(__name___), how good are you at not talking?

“What do you mean?” … I don’t mean like how good are you at keeping a secret or anything, but can you go and sit in that 90 minute presentation and when it’s all done, just not say anything – except at the end to say – “Actually, I just came here for my scratch-off ticket.”

So the reality is, of the public presentation, only about 1 in 4 stay behind to hear the numbers. That means 3 out of 4 take their scratch-off ticket, claim their prize – win their trip, their cash and then go home. Only one in four stays behind.

So it’s not a one-on-one time share where I’m going to crank on you to sell you. I’ve sat through those. And the one and a half hour thing that I was supposedly going to get my family into Disney for the week ended up being 4 hours. We toured the property, we toured the condominium – it was a “Time Share I’m Cranking on You” thing. And I almost bought it. You know, that’s the worst part – I almost bought the darn thing!

So – this is it – none of our cities are anything like that. They are public presentations. Think of this, 22 years we’ve been doing this. Is this a 22 year long State registered scam? You’ve got to think about that for a second.

I’m not interested in travel.

(REFERRALS - & take it away) Great, no problem. I will be more than happy to transfer your gift to someone else. Who do you know that could use (free gift)? Siblings? Parents? I’ll be more than happy to help them out.

I know how this goes, they only give away the trips.

When was the last time you were on a trip? Well, actually, I think you may be confusing this with a different concept. If you go to EZsweeps or Esweeps.com they actually post the winners and the last time I checked on the front page, there more TV’s, cars and cash then any trips that I noticed – that was actually a couple of weeks ago when I was on that site.. saw that a winner had chosen the silver RX370, ironically, that’s the one we give away! There were 2 trips out of 20. So, you might want to go check out the front pages of those sites right now (EZsweeps or ESweeps.com) and you can see the winners posted right there by date.


Prior to making your first call of the day – write down the month and day that happened two weeks ago from tomorrow and then also write down tomorrow’s date.

I’m given my times two weeks in advance – in 2 week allotments. I have the times from the (____) of August all the way to the (_____) of August.

When, in the next couple of days, do you see yourself sticking your head in the door?

Is 6:00, 7:00 or 8:00pm better for you?

I don’t want to go during the evening, what about on Saturday?

I’ll tell you what. Today is August _____. I’ll be getting my next 2 weeks’ schedule tomorrow and then I’ll know what the times are on Saturday – if there are any.

When they do have times on Saturdays, it’s usually either early morning or late afternoon.

What is an alternative phone number that I can call you at on Friday evening to let you know if there will or won’t be appointments on Saturday?

“You should know that information”

Sir, since every prize is well over $500, including a ___(name of car)___, they would like us to be completely sure that you are who you say you are. I’m sure you can believe me when I tell you that between 5% and 10% of people that fill out entry forms, put misinformation on them.

What is the phone number of the Travel Agency? (Horizon Travel, Global Escapes)

“I’m sorry sir, but we are 3rd party verifiers for the corporate sponsors. If you have ever heard a local radio station that is running a contest, you will note that they always state at the end that no member of that radio family or their family members can participate. They do that to make sure that there is no tampering with the contest. That is what these sponsors have to do also. They are not allowed to speak with you until you show up to claim your prize.

Wants the Prize List or Claim Number emailed to them.

We are not allowed to issue anything to the people that were selected to receive prizes. We can only verify that they are who they say they are and set an appointment with them and the sponsors.

But I just got this email today.

My apologies, sometimes it takes the server a few days to process the orders we give it.

Go technology!

The conversation isn’t going well.

To be honest with you, I don’t know if it is worth your time to drive just to get a TV.

Would you be mad just getting the TV? Are you going to be okay with that?

You just may want to pass this claim number on to somebody else.

It’s really okay with me if you want to end this call right now.

Do you have a website?

Since we verify contests for over 30 contests nationwide and they are always changing, they’ve never provided us that information.

Have you ever heard a contest on the radio, where the end of the commercial on a radio station says “And no member of our radio staff or their family members can participate in this contest? Have you ever heard that? Want to know why that is….so the contest can’t be rigged. Say ABC News Channel 7 is putting on a contest. Do you think they are going to let the winner they pull out of a hat in front of a million people in Chicago be the VP of ABC? No. Everybody would say “Get out of here that was rigged.”

So…when you ask if we have a website…think of us just like a member of that radio station. We are not privy to any of that kind information. We are a 3rd party verifier for multiple companies, nationwide, in multiple states. They don’t give us the odds of wining, they don’t give us anything. I’m just here to make sure you are who you say you are and that a kid or relative didn’t fill out the form for you. We don’t have a website, we’re a 3rd party. I think you may be looking for their website or something else, so when you get there, just ask them. I’m sure they have a website.

Time Share vs. Vacation Club BACK TO SCRIPT

A timeshare is a deeded property, or a deeded “value of time” at either a given property, or group of Properties. If someone owned a timeshare with a company called R.C.I. they would receive points each year that can be traded in at thousands of places globally from hotels and cruise lines to rental car agencies. It is a very fun way to travel, since it is paid for one time, can be used for a lifetime and then passed onto the next generation. The points can also be resold to someone else to get your original investment back or even make a profit.

A vacation club is very similar, yet focuses on a more concentrated industry or company. There are cruise-line vacation clubs, hotel vacation clubs; Disney has a vacation club with all of its properties. Every vacation club is different; they all have a fun unique niche market.

They Do not Qualify!

I’m sorry; you don't meet the guidelines of the contest. I’m sorry, mistakes on the entry happen from time to time. Have a great day!

Back to Script


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