Denny'sthe manager

Ja Oct 08, 2019

I walked into Denny's on Daniel Payne Drive in Birmingham Alabama this morning around 8 am or a little after 8 ready to eat the waitress greated me with a smile her name was Melissa only to be disappointed she informed me that they didnt have a cook so to my surprise Im like again this is not the first time Im looking around seeing other guest then all of sudden I hear a lady voice saying dont put anymore tickets in Im not cooking they can have this [censored] im like who is that they reply was its our Manager the same Manager lady last time I was here saying she tied of the cooks not here on time and she doesnt feel like cooking this is so unprofessional especially for the guest to hear all of that im like if you dont like your job just quit I love coming to this Denny's because the waitresses are so nice stay smiling and they very polite but it will be awhile before I come especially if she got to be on the cook line thanks Mrs.Jasmine Pegues. My email is [protected]

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