Delta Camera - Nikon D60bait switch / no ship


December 4, 2009, I ordered a D60 from Delta at the website price of around $250.00 I called to confirm the order, and the rep explained that the unit was back ordered for several weeks. Please wait. I did, knowing it probably was never going to ship. I checked regularly, and found on Feb 12, 2010 that the same camera discription was now on sale for around $180.00. I ordered another. I called Feb 15 to confirm as requested and the rep explained that the camera listed was a Japanese language unit. If I wanted the English version, I woud have to pay $400.00. I mentioned that I felt they were sheisters, and I asked where on the site could I find that info, he explained that "it was not there, did I really expect to buy a $600.00 camera for $180.00?" Yes I did, they advertised it as such. I asked if he had any of the english units available and he said he had 2. I advised him that since my order number #### was still open from December, he cold use one of them to fill that order at the December price. He then explained that no no no, that price in December was for the Japanse language unit as wel. I explained that was never explained to me in December and they were indeed bunch of shiesters and that their business practices were fraudulent. The discussion was now a shouting match and he was screeming that I wold never receive any of the #@$% I had ordered (finally, honesty from them) and that my order was going to be cancelled. This they managd to do timely and to their word. Avoid this company at all costs!

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