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CB Business and Industrial Delaware North Companies I’m an employee, filed multiple reports on harassment.
Delaware North Companies

Delaware North Companies review: I’m an employee, filed multiple reports on harassment.

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I am hoping this will help, as I cannot afford to lose my job, but I have filed multiple reports that I have included below, and none NONE of them are in my file. According to my director. My female manager has allowed me to be unconscious for two min. On her clock, as well as expected me to work in a KITCHEN SETTING while being actively ill and throwing up. The third major thing was she tried to tell me I “had to pay $45 that was UN-accounted for.” Told me to pay accounting in cash. And lastly my boyfriend came in to visit on my lunch and was using the Wi-Fi and she blatantly told him to move seats, or to be escorted out by NPS. After this I came back out from clocking out and my male manager got IN MY FACE to ask “DO We have a PROBLEM HERE?!” I have reported everything more than once and no one seems to care…. I have asked to transfer positions to which “there is no transferring here” even though i was told by management after 90 days of employment I can…

Claimed loss: At least $500 of lost hours because of getting sent home (not due to illness problems)

Desired outcome: $300

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